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Seunggi and Suzy for upcoming drama ‘Gu Family Book’

Seunggi’s MBC Section TV interview confirmed Bae Suzy’s casting in the drama, so I’m rooting for both Seunggi and Suzy, entire cast, PD-nim and Writer-nim and a daebak and fun Gu Family Book drama!

Seunggi (26) is the ‘veteran’ in relation to Suzy (19) but there are similarities.  Suzy also debuted through music with girlgroup Miss A, and she too has made a solid transition into acting and variety in a relatively short time.  Some say her acting has a lot of room to grow (well duh, of course, she’s a newbie!), but I think she has a naturalness about her.  And a likeability factor like that of Seunggi.  She’s definitely the young IT girl in Korea, so it’s not too surprising she was cast for the drama.

The Gu Family Book storyline suggests the story of the male lead and his relations to the other characters is at the heart of the drama.  So, casting someone younger and less-veteran for the female lead makes a lot of sense.  He worked with top actresses before, but working with established veterans in The King 2 Hearts was a career turning point for Seunggi as an actor, and he was able to take his acting to the next level.  He said rather than continuing to solely rely on acting with more established actors, he welcomed the opportunity to work with more younger partners…

Well, he got his way!  Seunggi is well-known for being a gracious acting partner and just super considerate overall, so for me…  Like all of Seunggi’s previous actress partners, if Suzy shows lots of love and respect for Seunggi and the drama project, she’s golden with me!  Anticipating more Gu Family Book news to trickle out soon…

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Anticipating great chemistry between Seunggi and Suzy~~~~

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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3 Responses

  1. wow love all the photos, looks like they already have chemistry…thank you!!

  2. I’ve loved every couple he’s been a part of so I’m sure I’ll love the Gu couple too. They do look really cute together already.

    • Yup Yup! me too! Seunggi always has AWEsome chemistry with his drama partners. Can’t wait to see them together after being teased with their separate camera shots at the Seoul Drama Awards!

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