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[Fan Art] Seunggi as part human-beast for Gu Family Book

I’ve been wanting fan art more like Seunggi as part-cat and Kolon Sport part gumiho!  Hehe.  Especially love Seunggi’s eyes changing color from brown to blue, like that of a gumiho above!  The concept is SO cool, yet evokes SUCH longing at the same time… His eyes always SO expressive and beautiful~~~  And also SO hilarious too…….

hehehe~~~ (I seriously love GIFs!!!) LSG: This is mine!!  Fish: Hey you!!

Hope Kang Chi doesn’t turn into full beast… (don’t think it’ll happen!)

I’d be sad to see human Seunggi like this. huhu.

Actually, would be happy if Kang Chi was styled like this!

Guys with long hair = NOT my thing.  Never understood ‘glorious(?!) mane’ fawning.

This is sageuk – fusion – fantasy genre, so I say whatever looks visually stunning and sticks to the core tone and theme of the story and characters sound good to me!

Anticipating the drama…….. BIG TIME~~~~!!!!!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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One Response

  1. Dear Ann,
    I really have a hard time visualize Seung Gi as a beast.
    A Cute beast….an adorable beast…a Very Fluffy Wuzy Seung gi always pop up in my mind………..#sigh…
    Well, If Im going to meet up with those kind of beast,
    no matter how terrifying this beast is…
    I surely run into him and hug him….#deep breath…pheww……I got it very very bad….

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