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[2013.01.25 Section TV-ENG] Lee Seunggi talks pre-school fans, handwritten letters, netizens, upcoming Gu Family Book

* UPDATED with ENG-sub video *

[2013.01.25] MBC Section TV.  English translation recap.  On the set of his newest Pizza Hut CF filming, Seunggi talks appealing to pre-schoolers!  And gets asked about his reign on Billboard K-pop charts, netizen comments, Seung-le-lu-jah nickname, his handwritten letter to a fan, and upcoming drama Gu Family Book… learning martial arts, becoming half-human/half-beast, first impressions of Suzy…

Dailymotion ENG-subbed video

(video: rapport2010)

Youtube non-Eng video

(video: MBCentertainment)

Talented and handsome, the perfect guy who has it all, we met top multi-entertainer Lee Seunggi!

Are you ready for this heartwarming date that will melt away this cold winter~~~??!!

LSG: Section TV viewers, this is the set of Lee Seunggi’s CF filming.

He was filming together with some cute little friends… (can’t wait to see CF!)

And they were completely taken by Seunggi’s magic skills! 

As expected, he is a guy who is loved by everyone!  (omg, too cute!)

LSG: Since it appealed to these pre-school friends… Aw, it felt really explosive just a little while ago! (Aw, LSG just really loves kids!!!)

Girl: He’s good looking!

Girl: Seunggi oppa, you’re cool, you’re the best!

Ever the cool guy, I personally met with Lee Seunggi…

I noticed Reporter Seulgi usually does your interviews…

Because of Reporter Park Seulgi, I didn’t get to meet with Seunggi…

Reporter: But this time, I beat out Seulgi and came here today.

LSG: Ah, thank you… Hehehe.

Reporter: Hey Seulgi~~~ Are you watching right now?!?!

LSG: In case Seulgi is watching from the studio… Have a very Happy New Year! (Whoa~ Seulgi gets personal message from Seunggi.  Aw.)

His song recently ranked #1 on America’s Kpop Billboard Chart for 6 weeks!

LSG: Since it was noted as the longest time, of course it feels really great!

Reporter: What is your secret?

LSG: I attempted to transform my music a little and I think it appealed to a lot of people and I think it turned out well.

Reporter: Psy was on the Billboard charts as a solo singer too beforehand…

LSG: Psy hyung is really taking the world by storm right now, and it’s impressive. And so fascinating.

Reporter: How about making a visual group with Psy?
LSG: With me?
Reporter: Seems like you’ve never thought about it?
LSG: Of course not.

Reporter: Let’s have them show us good activities individually on their own!

Also, Seunggi’s love for his fans garnered a lot of buzz recently.  (A letter personally handwritten by Seunggi to his dongseng fan! So sweet!)

LSG: For about 4 years, I’ve been involved with weekly supporting people going through tough times, and I recently received a letter from one of of those friends thanking me, and I was really moved after reading it, and I wrote to him encouraging him to be strong.

(Seunggi sends handwritten letters to his Dong Heng friends often! Aw.)

Reporter: Are you the type to look at netizen comments posted underneath articles about you?

LSG: If I think it’s going to be good, then I’ll look at it.  If it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that good, then I’ll pass…  (Always so solid in mind and spirit!  Love that.  Good thing because loser negative netizens with nothing better to do with their time and lives are not worth Seunggi’s time!)

Reporter: Any comments that were really hurtful to you?

LSG: Since my mouth is big, they used to say I was like cartoon character Bogus, and I’d be like what’s up with that.  But now, I just laugh it off.  (Aw, Seunggi so straightforward honest, yet so cool and chill.  Love that!)

Reporter: One of your nicknames among fans… Seug-le-lu-jah! When Seunggi appears, the seas part like Moses?!

LSG: It’s not like that. They end up coming toward me instead.

Reporter: What do you do when fans come running toward you?

LSG: My managers block them! Hehehehe. Of course, I shake hands with them, but many of them want something more from me, so…

Reporter: I can relate to how the fans feel!

Reporter: You’ve been cast as the main lead for drama “Gu Family Book.”

LSG: It’s like a graphic novel.  He is half human, half beast. It is a story of his struggle to become human.

Reporter: If your face is half human, half beast…

LSG: No, that would be Janus!  That’s not me.  He’s human, but when he transforms, he’s a beast.

Reporter: We really anticipate seeing Seunggi transforming into a beast like this.  (Whoa~~~ never thought Seunggi could be CG’d as a complete beast in the drama?!?!)

Reporter: Anything you have been doing to prepare particularly for this role?

LSG: I’ve been learning martial arts. Blocking, kicking, wielding a knife. Actually, my body aches a lot.  However, I think it won’t be so bad… hehehe. (Wahhhh, super anticipating these scenes!)

Reporter: He’ll show chemistry with Nation’s first love Suzy, who will be joining him in the drama…

LSG: The first impression is important, so I hope we’ll have a big first impact.

Reporter: What was your first impression [of Suzy]?

LSG: She was pretty Her visuals are really great too.  (Seunggi so laid back and cool, like no big deal. Unlike how press wants to report it!  But seriously, can MBC come up with anything new?!  This is nth time we’ve seen bubbled up pink hearts every time MBC asks him about his drama co-stars or other girls linked to him?!?!)

LSG: Section TV viewers, take good care of your health, and with that good health, I hope you’ll anticipate our drama. Thank you.  (Ackkk, can’t wait!!!)

Reporter: Seunggi, let’s  meet again next time!

Hehe~~~ Seunggi, why you gotta be so cute~~???!!!  Wahhh~~

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs; English: LSGfan

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann for the translation! I can always rely on you!

  2. Thanks so much for the translation! It answered some nagging questions I had after reading some Chinese translation, like the Red Sea parting part. Now it finally made sense!
    And Seung Gi is really handy with his Greek mythology hahaha!

  3. Thanks so much for your eng recap. I really enjoy those cut gif and translation. ^_^

    • Seunggi could be CG’d as a complete beast in the drama?!?!)….that’s new…….more curious and confused as it still not clear………

  4. Can’t say thanks enough to Ann for this section by section translation. It helps connect us better to Seung Gi’s thought. He is such a sincere and straight forward guy and totally charismatic on and off camera.

  5. Thanks Ann as always!!! Very much appreciated. SeungGi is cute as ever.

  6. ENGLISH subbed video

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