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Seunggi charms cutegirl Kelly: Heritory 2013 S/S photoshoot

This too cute-for-words blog entry and BTS from the photoshoot… made me forgot that humongous Heritory beauty pageant sash on Seunggi!  Prepare to be all-out envious…. of a cute little girl named Kelly!  So excited for official Heritory photos and spring/summer CF!  As always, Seunggi also gained some new fans too~~

Lee Seunggi… Fallen for his charms (Jan. 15, 2013)

English: LSGfan via blog.naver.com/fatehyunah_2

Two weeks have passed since we filmed.
I saw that Heritory facebook posted news about Lee Seunggi…

It was Lee Seunggi’s birthday recently.
Congrats to him again keke

I’m thinking to slightly reveal some behind the scenes photos.
Follow me~~~~~~ ^^

Ah… swagger…
That… pose…

There’s of course no need for words

This shot had already been revealed

Whispering back and forth with Kelly

What did he say…?
I’m dying to know… keke

Kelly doesn’t speak Korean
So there was always a translator by her side…

But Lee Seunggi was whispering in her ear
And Lee Seunggi was saying this and that

And Kelly giggled and laughed
Grinning at him and also being bashful

They were like that.

I couldn’t help but to be envious of Kelly

The photo shoot for this scene ended

Holding hands with Kelly

Even escorting her

Smart and on top of that, well-mannered

(Seeing it now… his legs are really long…^^)
Seriously, there’s nothing to flaw him on.

This is the last filming

A dynamic pose


The filming finally finished

Sincere Seunggi

His greeting shines too…

And courteously taking a photo together…

My friend went with me, and previously only thought of Lee Seunggi as a celebrity
but after seeing him here
His manners and sincerity and his handsome face
She became a total fan

I keep thinking… could Seunggi REALLY be an angel~~~~?!?!?!?  hehe~~~

Images: DCLSG, Naver blog

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8 Responses

  1. Kelly doesn’t speak Korean, but SG speaks English well enough to be understood, I think. Awwwww, they are super cute!

  2. I hope Kelly knows that she’s one lucky girl! And the envy of many!

  3. His manners and sincerity … yes those two the main things that make me become his fans

  4. I am so envious too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i guess Seung Gi said you are so pretty to that little girl, that’s why she was grinning n being bashful. SeungGi is so gentle n well mannered. He is going to be a good father n husband <3

  5. his GREAT personality is his best asset!!!

  6. Dearest Anne!!:) Thanks for this~~ Now im ready to work.. It was gloomy, windy cold, no sun here.. But knowing our warm SeungGi working hard and charming gaining new fans bec of his brigthness and energy.. now Im ready to work and stop being lazy..hehe thank as always!!^^

  7. Was Seung gi in Los Angeles this past week or on Sat? I swore he was shopping at the Beverly center thanks!

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