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Lee Seunggi… laid-back, stylish, natural…

Now these images calm me down and give me warm fuzzy feelings…!!  Laid-back stylish natural Lee Seunggi fashion and hair…  So, why he does the unthinkable for high-profile public events (like, say movie premieres?!)…  I don’t get it.  While doing sophisticated, classy, clean-cut for way less publicized events (birthday party with Airens, 1N2D writer’s wedding!?!)  Just, please~~  Gu Family Book and Chae Kang Chi~~ please NO hair drama and fashion style issues~~~! nervous.but.excited~~!!

From Seunggi’s 5.5 Album photo essay book~~~

Behind the scenes~~

Images: As labeled, Tumblr, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. Oh I super love the draped jersey cardigan he wore on the beach. There was a wonderful picture in the essay book showing the whole outfit (and him, of course) by a lighthouse. His long and lean body (the cardi’s soft material and elongated front totally accentuated it), the relaxed pose, the sun, the calm blue sea in the background…pure bliss!!!

  2. love the pics!!!! thanks a lot for sharing :) same with you i was also surprise he went to the movie premier on his bday. he should have taken a break and went out with his friends and family. btw, who are his friends in the movie industry?

    i also hope there’s no hair drama. his hair looks longer these days… maybe in preparation for the drama :)

  3. me too me too.. i just love the laid back Seunggi.. i will not dig the movie premier fashion faux..but honestly i was surprised to see him with that outfit..anyhow shame on me cz no matter how depressing his never-ending fashion faux i still couldn’t let go of this person…hahaha
    Until now im still curious if i will blame the management or the cody..but last time i know its the management decision what Seunggi’s outfit to be wear in every occasion or interview *correct me if im wrong w/ this*

    Anyhow ive been ..and still heed over heels with this guy for 3 long years now and still counting hohoho!!! and did i forgot to say the 3rd picture is killing me! those *dimples*

  4. I love these pix. Seung Gi looks so relaxed, calm n happy. I have been in love with this special, charismatic, handsome, tall, stylish, well mannered, hard working, humorous, intelligent, charming, dashing young man for 2 years…n my affection for him is still growing stronger each time I see his pix, listen to his songs, watch him on small screen or read about him. Somehow, Seung Gi always brings a smile to my face no matter what he does. Sarang heyeo Lee Seung Gi!!!

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