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Lee Seunggi attends 1N2D Writer Choi Jae Young’s wedding

[January 13, 2013]  On his very own birthday(!), Lee Seunggi attended the wedding of 1N2D writer, Choi Jae Young.  Writer Choi’s been with 1N2D since the early days, and became head writer last year.  Lee Sugeun presided over the wedding and Lee Juck sang the celebratory song.  Kim Jongmin was the other 1N2D member who attended.

Whoa~~ did a double-take… thought it was Seunggi with MC Mong.

Aw, love this kinda thing about K-culture~~~

Hehehe~~~  Sugeun looks so tiny here…

Love Love Love this winter jacket!!!!  Especially the 6-buttoned sleeve cuff!

(not trying to go all fashion police, but is Seunggi wearing same turtle neck from his birthday party the day before?!?!  His Airen birthday party is still on his mind!)

via SBS E! news; Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. wohaaaaa..we have same mind… i also thought that he was with MC Mong in first pic ^^

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