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6 Responses

  1. it’s his best pic ever…he looks so youthful and refreshing and wow! skin looks flawless sort of milky bright skin……the clothing seems to be in perfect sync with him somehow i feel that Kolon and Herritory stylits does a better job than his cody in both fabulous outfit and hairstyle…..seeing this pic who dare to say he is not one of the best flower-boys of korea…….made my day……..thank you lee seung gi………

  2. Omg, this pic just makes me want to see the rest like, right now!
    He looks so young and fresh!
    So glad he signed up with Heritory!

  3. He always looks great in Heritory! And the timing was perfect when he started endorsing it just before King 2Hearts so he managed to look amazing, fitting the King role, throughout the whole drama.

    And this is a nice pose by him and looks new to me too. Seunggi mostly did the same pose for photoshoots that I wished he tried some new pose at times.

  4. I love his hair and pose here. Perfect !

  5. Dear Lsgfan have you forgotten to post LSG sketchbook interview translation? I am still waiting for it? Can please help to translate? Thank YOU first?

  6. OH MY GOD!!
    ANN! That pic is his best side photo EVER!!( Though I don’t favor the short pants), but upper part is perfectly done. Love it!! (And if you ask, where I am to be this late for adoring the pic, please forgive me)

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