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Samsung ‘Zipel Man’ Lee Seunggi signed to 4th straight year endorsement contract; Psy also joins [September 2012]

Since we’re on the topic…  Can’t leave out premium Samsung Zipel!  Why I never posted this?!?  Another 4th straight year endorsement contract renewal for Seunggi from September 2012.  And with the added fun of bringing Psy on for this year…

Lee Seunggi and Psy selected for new product model
‘Asak Style’ kimchi refrigerator

LSGfan via SamsungTomorrow

[September 7, 2012] Singer Psy was selected to join Lee Seunggi, Zipel Asak’s main model for 4 straight years, to endorse the new kimchi fridge model product.

Referred to as ‘Zipel’s Man,’ Lee Seunggi has affectionately expressed the product brand in a way that’s distinctive of others.  Traditionally dominated by female endorsement models, Lee Seunggi, with his gentle image and handsome looks, pioneered the emergence of male models in the in kitchen and home appliances industry, and has been credited for contributing a big part in Zipel’s rise to first place in sales.

Creating the ‘Gangnam Style’ syndrome all over the world and skyrocketing in popularity, singer Psy will be working together with Lee Seunggi.

This is not the first time Lee Seunggi and Psy have met.  Psy wrote and helped produce Lee Seunggi’s hit debut song ‘Because you’re my Woman,’ and also gave other songs to Lee Seunggi for later albums.  And the plan is to bring together their unique characteristics and talents in the CF as well.

The launch of ‘CF King’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Gangnam Style’ Psy’s teaser CF was revealed, and part 2 of the CF will be released in mid-September.

Lee Seunggi and Psy’s great chemistry in the CF is fresh and new, and aims to keep Zipel Asak on track as the leading brand in Korea’s kimchi refrigerator industry.

Seunggi with his Psy hyung during their CF shoot….

I want to see them together soon!!!!  Aww~~~


Images:  As labeled, Samsungtomorrow, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Some time ago Psy twitted from the States with a picture from this series (was it the last picture you posted?) and said how he missed home and kimchi…Poor guy, I get you!

  2. 생일 따뜻한 인사, 이는 당신과 당신 주변 사람들에게 행복을 가득이 새로운 년, 희망과 기쁨의 미소를 제공하는 것을 잊지 마세요, 칠레 애정과 포옹에서 여러분에게 건강한 축복을있어.

  3. HAPPY

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