[Sneak Peek] Seunggi for Heritory 2013 S/S season ②

Heritory’s Love, Lee Seunggi’s fan meeting – birthday party will be held at the AX Hall tomorrow.  Heritory has also prepared a small gift so anticipate this.  To celebrate the event, we’re uploading a cut from the 2013 S/S photoshoot!

Date: January 12, 3-5pm
Venue: Uniqlo AX Hall

English: LSGfan via Heritory facebook

Wahhh~~~I love you Heritory!  Happy early birthday Seunggi~~!!!

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Samsung ‘Zipel Man’ Lee Seunggi signed to 4th straight year endorsement contract; Psy also joins [September 2012]

Since we’re on the topic…  Can’t leave out premium Samsung Zipel!  Why I never posted this?!?  Another 4th straight year endorsement contract renewal for Seunggi from September 2012.  And with the added fun of bringing Psy on for this year…

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Lee Seunggi – Pizza Hut commemorate 2012 World Hunger Relief Campaign

Happy we’ll see 4th straight year endorsement model Lee Seunggi for the annual World Hunger Relief Campaign again at the end of this year~~~  To commemorate…

[September 2012]  World Hunger Relief Campaign.  Pizza Hut in Ap-gu-jeong, Seoul.  Korea Pizza Hut Representative, Lee SeungIl.  United Nations World Food Program Chief, Im Hyungjoon.  Korea Pizza Hut Model, Lee Seunggi, and some lucky fans…

(video: Seunghwa Seok)

[October 2012]. Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief fan signing event with Seunggi~~~

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Pizza Hut signs Lee Seunggi as endorsement model for 4th straight year… 2010, 2011, 2012, now 2013!

Lee Seung Gi Signs On his 4th Year as Pizza Hut Model

Lee Seung Gi is the pizza king.

On January 10, Pizza Hut announced that Lee Seung Gi renewed his contract with the franchise for 2013. This will be the beginning of Lee Seung Gi’s fourth year with the brand after first signing on in 2010.

“With his bright and friendly personality, Lee Seung Gi is a model who matches well with the image that Pizza Hut has been aiming for,” said Pizza Hut. “For the past three years with Lee Seung Gi, our sales have gone up as well as the overall image of the brand. We hope that the Lee Seung Gi effect will continue working into the new year.”

Lee Seung Gi has become the longest-running model for a pizza-related company in Korea, impressive considering how quickly and easily models are replaced in the advertisement world.

Source: CJ E&M enewsWorld

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