Lee Seunggi – Indonesia fan meeting press conference

Been meaning to post this… [November 3, 2012]. Showing love to Indonesia fans.

@0:34- Seunggi oppa~~~!!!  screams get personal hello waves!
MC: Can you imagine, you just wave, and everyone screams.  If you do something different, everyone will pass out! (LOLs. LSG reaction too cute!)

(video: Rahmat Dhani Saputra)

(video: karismaima)

Indonesia fans SO jjang~~!!!  Great way to finish out all the fan meetings!

(video: chasingtheturtle)

(video:  merrykudo11)


Aw, love the fans and LSG’s happy reaction~~~~~

Seriously, one of the best professional, non-idol-y fan meeting sponsors outside of Korea~~~!!!!  Such a great fit with Seunggi~~~!!!

Love that he came to LSG’s concert, by personal invitation. and with some nice posh accommodations included, personally from Seunggi!

From the fan meeting…

hehehehe.  His ideal type!  As imagined by a fan!  This MC was so funny!

Ha, in his usual MC mode!   Loves it!!!!

Wahhh~~~~Love  this shirt from the fan meeting!!!!!

Let’s get more of this in 2013, and not only when he’s abroad~~!!!!!!

Images: As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. looking at how many guards they assigned to guide lee seung gi and how tough they are, just made lee seung gi looks like a royal prince^^

    and mr.munial (if i’m not mistaken) is really nice to assist lee seung gi all by himself!!

    and the fans werw jjang!!

    LSGfan jjang!! and thank you for this post^^

  2. Looking this picture again, it’s bring me to 4th Nov 2012 couple month ago, it’s so amazing, Seung Gi is Daeebaak, and I’m very happy to see Seung Gi smile, He looks so happy and so handsome and I hope he will come again to Indonesia for his concert kkkk…

    LSGfan manaso bangapsemnida ^-^

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