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Give us a shared English title for Seunggi’s drama 구가의서!

‘Gu Family Book’ is my choice until more details are released, but seriously, I can’t take anymore of ALL the awkward unpoetic butchering English titles for 구가의서!  Dear Samhwa Networks, PD Shin, Writer Kang, and lastly the deplorable-and-totally-on-my-bad-list-but-please-prove-me-wrong-in-2013-MBC~  How about press releasing an official English title (after getting it reviewed, checked by native English speakers!).  AND give us some real worthy scoop to get excited about~~!!  Or else…


Please let the character of our part-human, part-supernatural Chae Kang Chi be well-written and well-directed… as is appropriately deserving of a sageuk hero and befitting of princely Lee Seunggi… I have faith in PD Shin and Writer Kang!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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6 Responses

  1. LOVE the mgiag gif’s!!! <3 and more importantly how have I meet seen the angel picture of Seung Gi?? I immediately made it my phone background upon seeing it xD anyways, I cannot wait for this drama, and also can't thank you enough for always keeping us immediately up to date on all LSG doings ^.^ gamsahamnida! :D

  2. Even the news in English (supposedly!) was careless and clueless. Here were some reported titles – “Medical Novel?” “Nine Family?”

    • I think this is because “Gu” also means “Nine”. I’ve seen that around, too. And yeah, the “Gu Medical Book” one. Weird translations. o_O I just hope they don’t suddenly change the Hangul title because that is going to cause yet another round of ridiculous translations. *sigh*

  3. OMG Love that picture of him with the wings, its beautiful…..

  4. question! is this a recent picture? if so he looks too thin, is he losing weight? please tell me he’s not

  5. brilliant legacy, my girlfriend is gumiho, the king 2 hearts and now, i’m waiting for this drama…

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