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[Spoiler rumors] Seunggi’s new drama ‘Gu Family Book’

Everything’s been under tight wraps so far, so until more official details are revealed, I’m going with ‘Gu Family Book’ title translation used by Dramabeans’ Girlfriday.

We already know Seunggi will play the main lead (part human, part mythical gumiho creature), Shin Woo Chul PD (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, City Hall) will be directing, and writer Kang Eun Kyung (Baker King, Man of Glory, Dalja’s Spring) doing the script.  And supposedly, Writer Kang was working on the script with Seunggi in mind playing the role.

Rumored storyline…

Seunggi’s character is part-human, part-mythical creature (we knew that).

His father is human, while his mother is a gumiho (legendary 9-tailed fox).

But his character doesn’t know that he is the son of a gumiho.

One day he ends up catching some robbers through superhuman efforts, which in turn makes him realize that he has some very special traits.

While using his special superhuman efforts to round up a bunch of bad guys and standing up for justice, he ends up fighting against his father whom he hasn’t seen since he was a young child.

Rumored casting…

Supposedly, there were many candidates for the female character early on, but it looks like S**y may in fact be most likely confirmed for the role.

But there’s also some chatter that another feature female character is involved, and there’s a love-line connecting Seunggi’s character to the two females.

There’s lots of talk that the father character plays an impressionable role.

Rumored drama line-up…


[MBC] Horse Doctor (current) –> Gu Family Book –>  Goddess of Fire

[KBS] School 2013 (current) –> Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek –> Sword and Flower

[SBS] King of Dramas (current) –> Yawang –> Jang Ok Jung


[MBC] I Miss You (current) –> Level Servant 7–> A Man in Love

[KBS] Jeon Woo Chi (current) –> Iris 2

[SBS] Dae PoongSu (current) –> That Winter the Wind Blows –> All About Love


[MBC] May Queen (current) –> 100 Year Inheritanace

[KBS] My Daughter Seoyoung (current) –> You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

[SBS] Cheongnamdong Alice (current) –> Incarnation of Money

via DCinsde Gallery

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11 Responses

  1. argh…seems like the story is a combination of a lot of dramas from before…hopefully the script is strong…man of glory writer…hmm…already doubtful beginning

  2. “The Gu Family’s Book” is also how LSG himself translated the title; he revealed this in one of the fan meetings. :)

  3. Oh I want to know who his dad is going to be played by. Should be fun to see manly fighting Seunggi~

  4. One more female actress????? if true, I’ll be sooooo happy.

  5. if he is a son of human & gumiho, isn’t is more like the sequel of MGIAG ? Which is they’re married and got a son, which is LSG? :D
    CMIIW ?

  6. Oh, i wonder his character is gonna transform? or just having supernatural power? So excited, really can’t wait. oh, and “sword & flower” still going on after all?

  7. The rumored plot sounds cliche, typical superhero type of story. From the beginning, my worry lies in the writer. Other than Dal Ja’s Spring, her recent works were more simplistic, cliche and makjang. But I’m not gonna lose hope, like how TK2H writer surprised me, I won’t underestimate this writer as well. There are a lot of interesting plot lines possible around this half human, half mythical hero. I hope the writer will explore it more in-depth.

    There can be various good conflicts and twists other than the typical son-dad war. Like how people think the legendary nine-tailed fox eat human livers, Seunggi’s mother here could be killed because of it, and later when people finds out he’s the same creature, they will try to kill him too. Heh. I think my storyline is cliche too haha. That’s why I’m not a writer.

    Anyway, wishing all the best for this drama! I have a feeling that Hook wants Seunggi to have a successful drama where he can go to the army afterwards with people not even notice the 2 years flying by. Like Hyun Bin leaving after Secret Garden and now people can’t believe he will be back already.

    • just want to say that you never know with the writer….the writer that wrote shinning inheritance wrote a crap like 49 days if i am not mistaken….there have many instances the writerwho have wrote great hits are also writer of some horrible(may sound a little harsh) flicks…….on TK2H every drama will not be like TK2H beoz it was a rare drama with a refreshing concept far from the k-drama conventional type…very much a trendsetter …but i guess this drama is going to have it’s own other flavours …and it may be tyical or non-typical but still can be entertaining if the storyline is intruging……look at nice guy the it was atypical melodrama but was greatly loved……up to know we don’t know what’s the real storyline is knowing seunggi had a meeting with writer and director before confirming the drama i bet the script was awesome………

      • Agree with you on the lack of consistency of scriptwriters’ work. I think BL and 49 Days are excellent examples. While 49 Days had some enjoyable moments, you won’t be able to tell at all it’s from the same hand that gave birth to the sure, grounded, and exquisitely paced BL.

        I also remember Seung Gi said something about the story in his interview, like it was very intense and incredible. I think those are great signs that 1) he believes in the story, and 2) he judges it to be good.

        So, let’s just wait with unabated excitement (at least for me, hahaha!).

  8. just a reminder this is all STRICTLY RUMOR at this point, so I say take with a grain of salt until we hear any official info.

    the ONLY OFFICIAL STORYLINE INFO that’s confirmed is that Seunggi’s character is half-human, half creature.

    i’m expecting more official casting news to trickle out soon…

  9. oh!anticapation is just killing me……super excited…..filming is due to start in late january and i read on miss a facts that suzy is already confirmed for the role…..was hoping for someone else as leading lady but i guess everyone deserve a fair chance and can improve may be the seunggi-effect may bring a radicle change in her…but who cares so much as long as seunggi is on board…….can’t wait for action sequences……..to see the more manly seunggi…….looking forward to script reading session becoz that starts before filming……..with lsgfan spicing it up with ” gu family book” drama updates you can’t help but anticipate more…………..

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