Congrats to 22nd Seoul Music Awards 2-win Lee Seunggi!

[January 31, 2013] Congrats to our multi-entertainer Seunggi!  What a great way to end 2012~~~ the daebak 5.5 Album and Return, so loved by everyone and critically praised!  And an even better way to start 2013~~~ winning both the Popularity Award and Bonsang!  Catching up on all the Seoul Music Awards videos now!  Will post the English translation in a bit, but first off… how can you not love this guy???!!!!

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Seunggi and Suzy for upcoming drama ‘Gu Family Book’

Seunggi’s MBC Section TV interview confirmed Bae Suzy’s casting in the drama, so I’m rooting for both Seunggi and Suzy, entire cast, PD-nim and Writer-nim and a daebak and fun Gu Family Book drama!

Seunggi (26) is the ‘veteran’ in relation to Suzy (19) but there are similarities.  Suzy also debuted through music with girlgroup Miss A, and she too has made a solid transition into acting and variety in a relatively short time.  Some say her acting has a lot of room to grow (well duh, of course, she’s a newbie!), but I think she has a naturalness about her.  And a likeability factor like that of Seunggi.  She’s definitely the young IT girl in Korea, so it’s not too surprising she was cast for the drama.

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[Fan Art] Seunggi as part human-beast for Gu Family Book

I’ve been wanting fan art more like Seunggi as part-cat and Kolon Sport part gumiho!  Hehe.  Especially love Seunggi’s eyes changing color from brown to blue, like that of a gumiho above!  The concept is SO cool, yet evokes SUCH longing at the same time… His eyes always SO expressive and beautiful~~~  And also SO hilarious too…….

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[2013.01.25 Section TV-ENG] Lee Seunggi talks pre-school fans, handwritten letters, netizens, upcoming Gu Family Book

* UPDATED with ENG-sub video *

[2013.01.25] MBC Section TV.  English translation recap.  On the set of his newest Pizza Hut CF filming, Seunggi talks appealing to pre-schoolers!  And gets asked about his reign on Billboard K-pop charts, netizen comments, Seung-le-lu-jah nickname, his handwritten letter to a fan, and upcoming drama Gu Family Book… learning martial arts, becoming half-human/half-beast, first impressions of Suzy…

Dailymotion ENG-subbed video

(video: rapport2010)

Youtube non-Eng video

(video: MBCentertainment)

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[Sketchbook 2012.11.30] Lee Seunggi and Yoo Hee Yeol

Full Seunggi video cut at Tryp96: 12.11.30 YHY’s Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

[November 30, 2012] KBS Sketchbook.  Seunggi with Yoo  Hee Yeol.  Seunggi opened with Return and performed special acoustic arrangements later on, but my fave part – his talk time with Yoo Hee Yeol!  YHY and Seunggi so cute together on stage… 

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Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin – 1N2D and Star Audition 2012

Will we ever see Seunggi’s video message from Seojin’s fan meeting last month?!?!

So, I’m anticipating Ep 1 of Hodong’s new KBS show “Moonlight Prince”…  ONLY because Seunggi’s hyung, Lee Seojin, is the guest and hopefully there’s at least a quick flash of Seunggi’s image?!?!  huhu.  Sorry, Hodong… but we miss Seunggi~~

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Seunggi’s 5.5 Album ‘cameo’ in Olleh smart homephone CF

Make phone calls…  And make phone calls…
While making phone calls…  Video message together…
Listen to music (Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 Album!)…
Watch TV (Bourne Legacy)…  It also guards your home…

All-IP generation.  The home phone evolves
Smart home phone HDAll-IP. Olleh.

English: LSGfan, Video: ollehmobile

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