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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi photoshoot behind cut

Star1 photo shoot cut 1

Star1 photo shoot cut 2

Star1 totally jjjaaaang for doing a such a great in-depth feature!

His interviews and Q&A’s are always so thoughtful, witty and inspiring…

I loved Star1’s  ‘LSG transformation’ concept (especially all the features: interview, drama and music history, A to Z).  And the photos were hot!

But some of the outfits, posing, heavy eyeliner(!) left me wistful for my fave Elle 2011, which was so natural minimal, but super sophisticated, fab and hot!  And also miss the 2009 hot messy hair, pouting Hwan days of High Cut and Singles.

Nevertheless, I’m getting even more curious and excited (and nervous!?!) on how his part-creature, part-human character will be portrayed (and styled) in his new drama…

Videos: atstar11,  Images:  Star1

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One Response

  1. Elle 2011 was the first magazine I collected because of Seung Gi. I think the city of New York played an integral part in the design concept. And SG looked dreamy and metropolitan at the same time. This shoot is studio shoot, so I could understand the high drama angle. He just looks great! Am I the only one who likes the eye makeup?! On Seung Gi it’s not girly or ambiguous at all. It accentuates those intense stares…Swoon…

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