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Lee Seunggi chats with Lee Sugeun [2012 Zipel Asak show]

SUG: I heard you don’t get a discount.  LSG: I’ll just give you one as a gift.
SUG: Which one?  LSG: The M9000 (oohs aahs)
SUG: Stop playing with me…
LSG: Ok then, I won’t do it (Ha, LSG not falling for Sugeun’s ways!)
SUG: What?! (Ha, Sugeun not expecting that!) I think this is what’s good between us. We’ve never given each other gifts when talking like this. (LOL)
LSG: No reason for us to feel burdened about gifting.
SUG: He may talk like this, but I’ll go home tomorrow and there will probably be a new fridge there. I tell you, he’s that kind of guy. Actually, Seunggi has bought more clothes for my kids than I myself have. (Aw~ so sweet!)
LSG: That is true. That is true.
SUG: We’re a warm family because of that!

English: LSGfan, Video: LSGMSI

LSG: Lee Seugeun was MCing that Zipel fan mtg, and he introduced me as Lee Seunggi, the singer of the current hit Zipel Asak song ‘Mom made me kimchi!’  After that, I thought this CF is going to turn out really well. (Aw, LSG in MC mode, showing love for Sugeun).
SUG: We’ll have Seunggi sing us his daebak 2009 hit song ‘Mom made me kimchi’ live! You have to even do the Zipel Asak part! (omg, seriously?!)
LSG: I’ll remember it as I sing it. Sing with me…
(LOL. Seunggi singing Asak song with his sweet voice! Ha!)
LSG: What were the lyrics after that? Zipel Asak!

SUG: How about Asak to the tune of Will you marry me? (Ha)
LSG: Something like… Will you eat kimchi with me? (LOL)
SUG: Do you want to make kimchi with me? Living forever in an Asak way. Having a child that’s a kimchi like me and a radish like you. (OMG hahaha)
LSG: Not bad. Do you want to make kimchi with me?
SUG: You’re M9000 Asak model since 2009, and should be through 2013.
LSG: Will that be the case?
SUG: Of course. That was a requirement for me to MC this event.
LSG: You came on the grounds of my future contract?
SUG: I said if you sign Seunggi for 2013, I will come here.
LSG: Please don’t do that. I’ll take care of my business, ok?! (Applause)
SUG: Wait, this is too funny. I said that as a fan of Seunggi. So why do you fans you take my words like that? (uh, awkward. Sugeun little defensive)
LSG: The fans are just kidding. (yeah right)
SUG: They’re not joking. Everyone here is very serious. (LSG laughs it off, no need to make a big deal. moving on…)

SUG: I think a lot of fans would love to have Seunggi come with the fridge when they buy it. Imagine if there were 60,000 Seunggis. How much do you think you could be sold for?
LSG: Ummmm…  SUG: I have my price… (LOL)

English: LSGfan, Video: happy0gam

SUG: Our Seunggi, we’ll see you in your next drama and as Samsung Zipel model so everyone please continue to show a lot of support for him. He is in Korea’s top ranks even right now, but root for him even more so he can carry out his top status for a long time. He’s going to work hard of course.

Whenever anyone sees or talks about Seunggi, they always give a thumbs up. There’s no need for any words beyond that. Seunggi, you’re really so impressive! Everything he does always works out! Thank you everyone. Seunggi, I’ll buy a M9000 fridge tomorrow and take a photo and send to you. (Ha, LSG jokes: Makes sure you also send me proof of receipt!)

English: LSGFan, Video: happy0gam

Seunggi and Sugeun intro and talk… (great to see them together!)

(video: sh reine)

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4 Responses

  1. AWWW!!!
    Really warm and cute moments!!!
    Thanks for the trans/vids!!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Omg at he bought lots of clothes for Sugeun’s kids.
    This guy is definitely gonna be an awesome dad in the future!

  3. Aww I miss 1n2d..:(

  4. its really nice if have a sub video of this… they like in making reunion…. both lsg …. seunggi and suguen

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