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[Star1 Jan.2013] The Possibilities for Lee Seunggi ②

The possibilities for Lee Seunggi
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

On a heavy snowfall day in December, we met a manly Lee Seunggi, gentle and snug like the snow but also embodying a cold and chilly charisma.  Acting. Variety.  Singing. This guy who always gives his all from his position among the top ranks.  We were curious about his real-life persona… 

Your upstanding, uhm-chin-ah image is very strong.   Have you felt frustrated by this image at times?  I’m curious if you’ve ever dreamed of deviating from this?  I’ve never purposely set out to develop a particular image, and haven’t tried to go about changing it either.  I’ve just simply shown who I am.  Perhaps that in itself has been Lee Seunggi’s advantage.

You haven’t had any kind of ‘failure’ in singing, acting, or variety yet.  In the entertainment industry, it’s even been said that ‘Lee Seunggi was born with good luck.’  In that vein, is there more fear of failure?  Regarding failure… I think there is more fear among the people around me than with me.  Perhaps the people who handle me worry more.  Rather than a fear of failure, thoughts of taking on new challenges is stronger for me.  Rather than thinking things have to turn out well, wanting to do a good job is a bigger deal to me and thus I simply work hard to achieve that.

You debuted as a teenager and some time along the way you came into your mid-20s.  What’s it like when you return and look back to when you were younger?  And then to the Lee Seunggi now?  About 3-4 years ago, when I looked back to my debut days, I thought ‘Man, I really didn’t do well.  I’m doing a better job now than back then.’  However, now at 9 years later, I feel differently.  If anything, now it feels even better to hear people say that they felt content at seeing who Lee Seunggi was back then.  Compared to back then, I’ve matured a lot and I feel I can better differentiate what  I need to do, as well as what I’m able to do.

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You’ve continued to maintain the #1 advertisement (CF) favorablity spot for the most part, for a long time.  What’s your secret?  I’m curious too.  There are even times when the rank is higher when I’m not active in my projects.  I’m very grateful.  I don’t have a particular secret.  Simply just showing how I am without changing.

Among fans, you’re known as ‘Seung-le-lujah.’ Meaning that as long as Lee Seunggi appears, bad things turn out for the good.  I am aware of that nickname.  It’s a nickname that makes me happy.  They also say ‘when a tsunami is on its way, bring Seunggi along.’  (chuckles)  Although I have nicknames among fans, I don’t have any separate nicknames that people around me use.

Ha Jiwon was older, Han Hyojoo was your peer.  It seems that you haven’t really worked with younger friends.  Did you match well with your actress partners?  Through ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ I most recently acted with the top leading actress in our country, Ha Jiwon.  Ha Jiwon is the type of actress that makes her partnering actors feel at ease.  Therefore, when I acted with her, I was able to lean on the stability and confidence she provided.  Actually, I want to become that kind of actor.  I can’t always act by leaning on others.  I want to be an actor that provides that same time of confidence and ease that came from my sunbaes, to those younger than me or hoobae actors when acting together.  Also, I want to be a strong, steady sunbae to them.  I think the turning point to provide that kind of sense is now.

Personally, what is harder, singing, acting, or variety?  None of those are comfortable.  In terms of what I do most by instinct, it’s variety.  While variety requires you to work fiercely, it also makes you enjoy it at the time.  I’m happy when doing variety.  With singing and acting, I still have a lot to learn and have to work harder.  Therefore, there’s a sense of difficulty with that.

You are variety’s weapon.  Lee Seunggi is associated with all the top variety shows.  Which one was the hardest?  I think ‘1 Night 2 Days’ was the hardest.  It’s the same with any program, but the burden of responsibility for the 1N2D members was different.  It was a program that people all over Korea watched.  Particularly, there were many unexpected variables with 1N2D.  In addition to being an entertainment team player, you also have to have a director-like mind.  If I were to say one thing, I think the 1N2D during my time was more strong intense than the current 1N2D. (chuckles)  Of course, I think the tendencies of the production crew have changed.

You did a lot of variety programs with Kang Hodong.  What comes to mind when you see recent-comeback Kang Hodong?  I made sure to watch his comeback programs.  I was very happy.  He is a very close sunbae and hyung to me.  Although it’s been a while, his energy was just as before.  Kang Hodong is a person that paves the path for hoobaes (juniors).  He is not a person who monopolizes things for himself, but a sunbae that provides a place for hoobaes.  As a variety personality, sunbae, and hyung, he is a person that much can be learned from.

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Controversy is a word that doesn’t seem to go with Lee Seunggi.  Do you have your own way of behaving in order to avoid controversy?  While I express myself honestly when I speak, I don’t let my emotions get mixed in.  In whatever you do, if you think too emotionally, your judgment becomes murky.  How can there not be any moments when you’re annoyed or want to complain as people live their lives.  However, if you let your emotions get the better of you, there are times when you start to fall apart.  It’s at those times that you end up making mistakes that aren’t really mistakes.  At those moments, I try hard to remain calm.

You are one of very few stars that don’t do SNS.  There are frustrated fans wanting this dimension of communication.  I feel like the space for SNS is extremely ambiguous.  It becomes a personal space, and in some ways, an official space as well.  It’s a very ambiguous space  in which everyone comes together and where they don’t either.  Therefore, it seems like a space that can also bring about useless chaos at times.  And suffering for trying to be honest, and then making a mistake that wasn’t intended.  That’s why I don’t do SNS.

You recently released your title song ‘Return.’  You are sweeping the #1 spot.  What are you feeling as it’s been a while since coming back as a singer?  The concept of the mini-album songs was healing sentiment.  If I sang most of my songs up to this point with a lot of energy, I tried to match the focus of the listening person’s core.  I worked hard so that people listening could sense a comfort and warmth from the songs.  I sense this all the time, but I’m lacking in a lot of ways as a singer.  Therefore, I spent a lot of time worrying about what aspect I should show while preparing this album.  I thought I needed to find a style that’s particular to me and this album came out at the end of my worries.  I worked hard to search for my song style.  The lacking as a singer, choosing a genre, and a style that’s particular to me.  This is a album I really worried a lot over.

The new year is coming up.  Why don’t you greet your fans.  2012 was a meaningful time for me.  I was able to think about a lot of things and personally, it was a time that allowed me to mature.  A year of drama, variety, and even singing have quickly passed by.  Therefore, I am anticipating the new start of the 2013 year even more.  I hope that all you readers will also have a new year that is overflowing with anticipation.

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Is it possible to admire and love Lee Seunggi even more~~~??!!! huhuhu.

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for your hardwork…
    A great drama, a daebak album, successful concerts and endorsements, what a year it has been!
    Anticipating 2013 even more!

  2. Lovely thoughts and sentiments from Seung Gi oppa~
    I really love the way he express himself and the sincerity in his words~ <3

  3. Ann…
    I won’t comment about the style now, just wanna reporting to you I’m teared up reading this article. I don’t know, it’s been so long that I didn’t see this kind of warm article, which sounding his own opinion. It just…his opinion resounding what in my mind…and I’m so glad for him to do so. For him to wish to be an actor that people can lean to. For variety that he can enjoy it while working on it. For singing that he found his own style…For Ho Dong…
    He is able to see the light and take the meaning of mostly everything he does. That’s the image that I catch in this interview. Him able to think like that just make him better and better for me.
    He isn’t perfect, and he realize it, he admit it. He doesn’t holding back praise, and that’s not a spontan expression, but from the choice of words, I think he answer that after thought.
    Above all, he becomes my inspiration (again) to be a better person.

    Thank you for your hard work Ann :)

  4. I like what he said about acting with younger people. People should take that into account if Suzy is actually cast in his drama, which looks likely. It’s really something he wants to do and he is right. It’s the time to do it now. Great article. Thanks so much. You’ve been busy with some great updates. :)

  5. The part about being calm while under distress, I am still trying to achieve that, and I am much older than Seung Gi! And the part about personal space and public space…totally speechless! He is so wise!!!

    • thanks Ann for spoonfeeding us with this article.. Just like AnnMichelle that 2 parts Seunggi said on the interview about calming and personal space is what im trying hard to improve & apply it to myself too.. I just hope I can take and achieve even that 2 tips from Him,not to mention he’s much younger than me also..

      • Ann, thank you for doing all of this. We as fans cannot express in words how much it is to read this. It’s a lot of work to do this! Sometimes when I read his interviews I can’t believe the age that he is. I really do forget. And I agree with you all. I’m also trying to achieve the things he said and understand what my sns really is for. To gripe? Or create a popularity contest? Is it crazy that I actually have a lot to learn from him and I look up to his insights although, he’s younger than me? He’s inspiring and always makes me introspectively reassess myself to be better in whatever I do or give to others. So mature, yet humble beyond his age. He never ceases to amaze me. Seriously…. awesome.

  6. Although I’m also partly disappointed that he doesn’t do SNS, I also think that it’s wise of him not to and I’m glad he doesn’t use it. Celebrities who do use it are more prone to controversy and he really doesn’t need that kind of thing in his career. Plus it’s more fun when we all get excited when he finally has personal updates on his official site. :D

    Ann, thank you for taking the time to translate all the Star1 features and for sharing with us. I think this is one of the better features done on him, with insightful questions and all. I honestly still don’t like all the photos that came out from the shoot, but I like a majority of them, and it’s great to see a different side of him. :)

    • Yes, true^^

      Most celebs begin SNS as their own personal space, but I think the enjoyment of doing SNS is as a place to shout out your content, but (as he pointed out) as celebs, he need to calm down and not act emotionally. In someway by having SNS we tend to act emotionally, tweeting or write status as our hearts pleased, we tend to make mistake, since we’re human after all. But for them, celebs, everything could be misunderstood.

      He explains that very thing is… WOAH.. Not all people understand that means. Which make him dazzling more and more ♥♥♥

  7. I’m totally impressed. Each time I read an interview he’s gone through, I’m amazed at the way he expresses his thought and gives his opinions. This interview is especially good.

    I like that he’s more concern with taking on new challenges than worrying about failure. I also like that he’s not so result oriented, but more concerned about whether he’s done a good job and given his best.

    His answer about controversy and not letting one’s emotions get the better of you is really good and insightful. So’s the one on SNS.

    Thanks Ann again for the translation!

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