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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi’s Transformation has begun ①

Lee Seunggi’s Transformation has Begun ①
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

A nasty chuckle, deceptive eyes, agile as if cut with a knife.
Indeed, will it be okay to anticipate this type of demeanor from
Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi?
Lee Seunggi comes back with song ‘Return.’
He has, for today, changed.

Directed by Kim Ji Yeon. Photographed by Lee Jono.

White t-shirt is Song Zio Homme, grey double-breasted suit is Kim Seo Ryong Homme, shoes are Cesare Paciotti.

Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi recently did a fashion photoshoot and interview with @star1.  He radiated a natural attractiveness by showcasing the ‘dandy look’ in a suit and comfortable knit and casuals according to his clean-cut vibe.   And, Lee Seunggi also exuded an intense manly catharsis with his chilly, beast-like counter stare.

Black shirt, jacket, pants, necklace are all Ann Demeulemeester, skull feather necklace is Raf Simons, ring is Jamie & Bell, fedora is Thomas Wylde by Je Ne Sais Quoi.

White t-shirt is Unconditional by Je Ne Sais Quoi, striped coat is Woo Young Mi Collection, black jeans are BLK down, black shoes are Dr Martens, necklace is Ann Demeulemeester, chain accessory is stylist’s private collection.

White shirt, striped vest, suit, bow-tie, shoes are all Dolce Gabbana.

White t-shirt is Unconditional by Je Ne Sais Quoi, grey denim shirt is Philipp Plein, pants are Woo Young Mi Collection.  Black shoes are Dr Martens.

Ivory knit sweater is Ballantyne, grey jeans are Givenchy, shoes are Misope.

Nervously super excited to see this side of Seunggi in his upcoming drama~~!!!!

Thumbs up for the head-to-toe Ann Demeulemeester and Dolce & Gabbana looks!!  So niiice and by far the best in comparison to the others.

Images: As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. Oooohhhh…. Can’t wait for more easily Seung gi :-) thanks for the update Ann. By the way, I’m reading this at 2am CST which means it’s 3 am EST. I hope you have these articles on some timer thingy otherwise this means you are still awake :-( I know you are a true fan but you need your sleep too. Hope you’re not up like me cause you have a cold and are unable to sleep :-(

  2. can I have my hug with the 4th to the last picture……nice right……he he he he he….

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