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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi’s ‘All Kill’ Dramas & Music ④

Lee Seunggi’s ‘All Kill’ Dramas & Music ④
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

History Review.  Lee Seunggi ‘All Kill’ as Heodang and Nation’s Younger Brother.  As is fitting of his ‘Nation’s’ title, with a history of ‘All Kill’ through his dramas and albums, show programs, and even through CFs, Lee Seunggi has returned with his 5.5 album.  Sometimes Heodang, other times Nation’s Younger Brother, Lee Seunggi has demonstrated various sides to him.  A history of his drama and music work…


2004/2005.  MBC daily sitcom <NonStop 5> College student Lee Seunggi. This was Lee Seunggi’s first acting project.  Playing the role of a once successful child actor who becomes a minor-role actor, Lee Seunggi was involved in a loveline with Gu Hyesun.  PD Jun Jin Soo of NonStop5 praised Lee Seunggi for his professionalism in readily participating to carry out the unfolding drama on the show, despite his contract ending.

2006.  KBS drama <Infamous Chil Sisters> Reckless irresponsible Hwang TaeJa.  Lee Seunggi becomes a reckless young husband in the role of Hwang Taeja by getting the character Na Jongchil pregnant.   He also faced grievances from viewers when he continued with his bachelor life, leaving pregnant Na Jongchil behind.  He portrayed stable acting from a mama’s boy to the strong head of a family.

2009.  SBS drama <Brilliant Legacy> Second generation chebol Sun WooHwan.  Handsome and with deep-pocketed wealth, he transformed into the audacious Sun Woohwan.  Having great chemistry with candy girl Go Eunsung played by Han Hyojoo, he captured the hearts of women by showcasing a sweet romance.  Reaching over 40% TV viewership ratings in Korea, it also received a hot reception in Asia as well.   Through this drama, his meteoric rise as second generation Hallyustar launched.

2010.  SBS drama <My Girlfriend is a Gumiho> Immature Cha DaeWoong.  Taking on the role of immature college student Cha Daewoong, he demonstrated great chemistry with Shin Mina who played the role of the gumiho, and they showcased a loveable fantasy romance.  Their fantasy couple chemistry also shot up to the top ranks and gained a reputation as one of the best in romantic comedies.  It was an ‘all kill’ in tv ratings as well (once 50% KBS Baker King ended!)

2012.  MBC drama <The King 2 Hearts> South Korean king Lee Jaeha. Lee Seunggi exhibited an amazing synergy effect with actress Ha Jiwon, older by 9 years, and was able to stand out as a one-top actor.  Not only that, he earned high praise for his transformational mature acting.  Handsome and royal, he went from a careless boozing player to the next-in-line king, exuding charisma along the way.


2004 June.  1st Album (Dream of a Moth).  He debuted with title song Because you’re my Woman.  With the lyrics ‘I’ll address you as Nuh because Noona is my Woman,’ he quickly became Nation’s Younger Brother, creating a sensation for the younger guy – older woman relationship, capturing the hearts of noona fans everywhere.

2004 July.  Digital single.  Having always had an affection for Im Jaebum’s classic song Confession, he did a remake of the song.  Relying on his experience from his high school rock band days, he showed strong style particular only to Lee Seunggi and showed us another side of him. 

2006 February.  2nd Album (Crazy for You). Befitting the title, the album aimed at diminishing the baby-faced voice of Lee Seunggi.  He was able to establish this, particularly through the song, Words that are Hard to Say.

2006 September.  Special Album (When a Man Loves a Woman). Please, As One, and other songs from top female singers were remade.  He received praise for singing and expressing the songs in a way far beyond his age. 

2007 August.  3rd Album (Story of Separation). He broke away from his image as Nation’s younger brother and returned as a man.  In addition to the song Story of Separation, the album included 10 songs he sang about separation.  The title song White Lie was gained popularity with its sweet lyrics. 

2007 November. Repackage Album (Words I have yet to Say).  This was a repackage album of Story of Separation.  The sentimental heart of a man who has broken up with his lover was pronounced in Words I have yet to Say and Complaint. 

2008 May.  Digital single (Let’s go on Vacation). After getting Cho Youngpil’s permission, he did a remake of the song and has said that he felt grateful for his non-hesitant permission as it’s not an easy thing to let others remake your song.

2008 March.  Special Album (When a Man loves a Woman)  I’ll Give you Everything, You in my Memories, People that Make me Sad, and altogether 12 top songs from the 1990s were remade.

MUSIC (continued)

2009 September. 4th Album (Shadow).  Let’s Break Up embodies the sadness of a man who has broken up with his girlfriend.  The appealing expressive vocal singing of the delicate lyrics captured the hearts of fans.

2009 June.  Digital single (Will you marry Me).  Bright and cheerful, this was the #1 proposal song of that summer.  The song continues to be popular even now, recently used in the drama ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’ and several other dramas and variety programs.

2010 January. Repackage Album. The title song Love Taught me to Drink comes from Bang Shihyuk.  The key point being that a love lost has made him start to drink, the song fit well with Lee Seunggi’s sad voice when singing.  

2010 June.  Digital single (Smile Boy) with Kim Yuna. With the goal of supporting the training of national athletes, Lee Seunggi and Kim Yuna donated the profits from the song to rising prospective star athletes in soccer and ice skating. 

2010 August.  SBS (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) OST.  Hit-maker Brave Brothers wrote and arranged Losing my Mind.  The song constituted hard-hitting lyrics and medium tempo electronic rhythm.

2011 October.  5th Album (Tonight).  This album included songs that were differentiated from his previous ballad style songs.  Collaborating together with Ra.D to write the song Time for Love, it also included narration featuring Han Hyojoo, and the song received a lot of love as the love song for lovers.

2012 April.  Best Album.  This includes his 2004 debut song Because You’re my Woman and representative songs from each of his albums, totaling 15 songs.  It garnered a lot of attention when it was released.  

2012 November.  5.5 Mini-Album (Forest).  The title song Return was written and arranged by Epitone Project’s Cha Sejung.  The sentimentality of the songs have captured the hearts of women and had a hot reception as it shot up to #1 on the charts as soon as it was released.   

See a somewhat more complete listing of all of Lee Seunggi’s dramas, music, variety programs, CFs at Resume.

Whoa~~ Seunggi~~ just make the rest of us feel like complete under-achievers???!!!

He’s definitely got an ‘All Kill’ resume that any of would love to have, or aspire to!!!

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  1. ayeee all kill
    here is another victim.already killed sucessfully by every inces move he makes *dig my own grave*

  2. i love him..

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