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[Star1 Jan.2013] Lee Seunggi – All About HIM from A to Z ③

Lee Seunggi – All about HIM from A to Z
@Star1 Magazine, January 2013

English: LSGfan via Star1

All about HIM.  The music and travels that Lee Seunggi likes, and what he’s thinking.  Get to know all about Lee Seunggi from A to Z…

[Actor] An actor viewers always miss and want to see, I want to be an actor viewers wait for.  And I want to become an actor who is genuine.  I believe sincerity gets communicated when you put your all into whatever you do.  My favorite project is my most recent one in which I met great sunbaenims, directors and sunbae-hoobaes.  It was a time in which I was able to learn a lot from them.

[Best 3 Songs] I worked hard to create an entire album based on one concept.  It’s cold these days, right?  I made this album with the primary hope of warming the hearts of everyone who listens to my music.   In particular, when I first heard the title song, Return, as a demo, I immediately liked it because the melody and lyrics had such a big impact.  I like Forest, Return, Words that I love You, and among the music I listen to these days, I like Monni’s A Boy becomes an Adult.

[Concert] Actually, I collaborated with an orchestra for my concert this time, but honestly I felt burdened.  It was my first time singing live with 50 performers so I worried whether I could do a good job.  However, in the end, it was really great.  As I started to sense the analogue sentiment, it felt great and enjoyable just to be standing on stage singing.  If there’s a behind story, on the second night of my concert, I got unexpectedly choked up while singing the encore song Because You’re my Woman.  I think it’s the first time since my very first concert in which I couldn’t sing because I was crying.

[Duet] If I were to do a duet, I’d like to try singing with a male singer.  I should start thinking about who starting now.

[Episode] While recording this album, what I remember most are all the recordings and mixing work.  The first recordings are most stressful for most people so most people get an OK then, but since I changed my singing method this time, I did several recordings.  Maybe it’s because I changed my singing method, but I got more used to the singing method as I continued to record and the singing got even better.

[Fans] The existence of fans is something that an entertainer can’t be without, so I tend to think they are like a reward for entertainers to continue going on.  I’m always thankful that they support and watch out for me, one who’s lacking, and yet as much as I am thankful, I feel sorry that I can’t repay them to the same degree.  

[Goal] I don’t have a particular set goal but just like now, with a lot of energy! overflowing fighting! developing little by little is my goal.  Always working hard to give my all in whatever is given to me.

[Habit] When I first debuted I had superstitions, but that’s gone away.  I don’t like to be bound by those kinds of things.  I don’t have any superstitions now!

[Ideal Type] If I looked primarily at outward appearances in the past, now, I feel like I consider personality more.  I like a person who’s good-hearted, not provocative and who’s heart fits well with me.

[Journey] I personally like Jejudo.  There are lots of delicious foods and the scenery is also great.  In particular, I like small beaches that seem exotic and foreign, as well as very Korean, hidden away in the small villages of Jejudo where there aren’t that many people.

[Know-how] I’ve been learning to cook recently.  I tend to be the type that uses the same tools as my cooking instructor, same ingredients as outlined in the recipe, and I follow the recipe thoroughly.  Estimating with eye measurements is a definite NO!  I utilize and follow the recipe thoroughly.  Measurements are very important, especially when I bake my own bread.

[Like Actor] I respect teacher Lee Soon Jae.  I deeply respect just his ability to remain steadfast in one area for such a long time and without changing, and I would like to work hard to become that kind of person as well.  In particular, I really respect teacher’s diligence and unceasing hard work.

[Mentor] This would be Representative Kwon Jin Young from my management company, Hook Entertainment.  It will be almost 10 years since I met Representative Kwon, and she has always been accurate and on track regarding what path entertainer Lee Seunggi should take and about the path that Lee Seunggi as a person takes. She is the person I respect the most. 

[Near] The people closest to me are in my management company family.  Since my relationships are not as spread out as people may think, I tend to spend the most time talking with and hanging out with my company family members and managers.  Apart from that, I often meet up with neighborhood friends from when I was younger or hoobaes from the FC ‘NK’ soccer league.

[Overcome] If possible, I try not to think about how hard things are.  Because the more you think about how hard things are, things get more harder.  When difficult times find me, I try to get healing by eating tasty foods and listening to good music.  

[Personality] I work at trying to ensure that my real-life persona is the same as the image featured on TV.  It’s true that better features may be etched on broadcast programs, but I work hard to make sure my real-life image is the same as that which is broadcast on TV. 

[Question to Fans] It’s a little embarrassing, but I want to ask fans the reason as to why they like me?  What aspect do they like, what attractive quality makes them like me.

[Rest] I tend to either seek out restaurants or sometimes have drinks and talk with friends after working out.

[Sports] I like soccer.  It’s also a sport that I enjoy the most and am confident in.  Aside from that, building my physical stamina.  Rather than scheduling in regular times, I tend to work out whenever I have a chance so that I can build up my strength.

[Telephone] I’m not the type that relishes talking on the phone so I probably talk on the phone mostly with my managers.

[U-turn] There isn’t anything yet.  I like the current present time, and I’m always curious as to what the future may hold. 

[Value: Singer-Actor Score?] About 80 points?  This way I can have some degree of confidence if I give myself at least 80 points and can be ambitious about going further to achieve 100 points.  That’s why I always say to myself, ‘You, you’re 80 points! Let’s work harder!’ 

[Wear] I like clothes that are long-lasting and not fashion-conscious.  And if it’s sophisticated, I like it even better.  Personally, I’m not into shocking or exposed clothing.

[X: What Lee Seunggi Doesn’t Have] I’m lacking in a lot of ways.  It would be great to look like a sculpture and it would be great if my body slimmed down easily,  is there a limit to my greed?  I always think that I am lacking.  On top of that, I can be heodang at crucial moments.  Every time that happens, I think ‘If only I could decrease my heodang-ness a little bit…”

[Year 2012] The best things that worked out this year were meeting the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and receiving a good response to the 5.5 mini-album that matches the amount of work that was put in.  In whatever I do, rather than being regretful when things don’t turn out as well, I tend to think extensively and positively about the aspects that were helpful despite certain aspects that may have been lacking.

[Zeal] Recently I’ve been obsessed with the social network game rankings.  There was fierce competition among my company family members and acquaintances but I’ve been holding on to my #1 spot.  If I fixate on any one thing, I’m the type that completely falls deeply into it. 

I seriously feel such a mix of emotions whenever I read Seunggi’s interviews…

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14 Responses

  1. Seunggi’s curious about what fans like in him.
    My answer to that is …..
    I miss his heodangness and cute moments in 1n2d so badly though!

    • LOL. that one really made me bust out laughing! because I think he really means it, he doesn’t get why his fans really like him! OMG. how can someone be so self-deprecating, sorta clueless, and totally confident and ambitious all rolled into one???!! I want to grab him, shake him and say~~~ Snap out of it dude! puahahahaha

      Ha, to answer LSG’s question, then that’s why I like him!

      • You nailed my thoughts exactly, Ann. :)

        And I love everything about this particular interview, but that is also the part that made me laugh so bad (okay, I think I’m crying from laughing so much.) Let’s keep him guessing. LOL. ;P

        I mean, wonder why his fans love him.
        Seriously, that’s quite confusing too isn’t it? Kkkk~ You can’t answer it for one reason, as I’m sure most of us here will answer “I love him as a WHOLE”. Or As you say: “That’s Why I love you” LOL

    • Same! Seriously, he’s just amazing and fun to watch… do about anything. Part of the reason he’s the CF king I think.

      And aww Seunggi trying to decrease your heodang moments only makes them come out more often.

  2. I like him (partly) because he had to ask that question! I wonder if he just wanted to know so that he could work toward/improve those points that attract his fans. You know how he likes to set goals for himself and such. This guy does not take anything for granted!

  3. how could u be so near to a word p.e.r.f.e.c.t
    is he really human?–the more i know him the deeper i lost in this thought…gasp

  4. Thanks so much for the translation :D, i always love reading SG’s interviews. This one has a lot of stuffs we already known but the parts about cooking & question for fans made me lol :)). He’s just so keen on his cooking method :)), which is opposite with me who never follow recipes thoroughly even i’m using one @_@.
    Funny that after 9 years debut he’s still clueless about the reasons fans love him so much? :)) There are so many reasons but for me, (aside from his adorable smile that kills me every time :P) , it’s mainly because he’s always working so hard and he also always shows respect and considerate for people around him so much.
    I think normally ppl love a celebrity for his/her talent or good look but they don’t really know about his true personality. Thanks for 1n2d, SG’s true self is exposed to all of us. We really can’t say that his character on the show is 100% him but he really couldn’t fake everything all that time.
    Therefore, I think most fans love him not as a great celebrity but as a PERSON with the great personality, talent & achievements that they adore, admire, and respect. Well, with me he’s always an inspiration & a role model for how to live a respectful & meaningful life :D
    Sorry for the lengthy comment :)

  5. it’s good to see the other side of Seunggi. Bottomline: He’s really perfect


  7. reading about (Overcame) i remember that’s seunggi’s gave his advice to HHJ during she interview on oct’10

  8. Millions Thanks Dear Anne!^^ I will keep this one.. whenever I will feel sad or bad, getting lazy, or just my luck is not on me.. I will read this again.. We need people Like him.. and just thinking he is living out there then I still trust on humanity.. such a guy.. ;)

    • and for his question— aww our clueless, heodang SeungGi… We Like you because you are SeungGi.. Just everything about You!!!^^

  9. Wahh~~~ LSGfan so heodang like Seunggi!!! I JUST realized title [A to Z] meant each Q&A topic went down the alphabet! omg… duh!

    was wondering why they used certain topic terms that didn’t seem to fit! aigoo.

    revised a few of the topic brackets to match the English A to Z topics in star1 article!

    LSGfan = typical korean girl. smart but ditzy! (and heodang!) puahahahaha!

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