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Q&A Loen Entertainment Ask in a Box: Lee Seung Gi (이승기)

(video: LOENENT) English subtitles – hit CC.

Omg, Seunggi’s adorkable laugh throughout this Q & A session!  So funny!  And the shout-out to Malaysia, fans must’ve been so happy.

@1:25 English translation of ‘heodang’ as ‘not so smart’ wasn’t really accurate…

Heodang is more like being flaky, absent-minded, ditzy.  A smart and put-together person, but with unexpected flaky tendencies.  There’s a cute, endearing connotation.  Totally popularized by Seunggi’s 1N2D character… appropriately named by Kim C!  Many celebs now using ‘heodang’ to describe themselves.

A better translation…

Q: Is your heodang character on variety programs true to real-life?  Is that your real personality?

LSG: I’ve been asked this question for 5 years… ‘Is your personality really heodang, or is that a character played on variety programs?’  On TV programs and in regular life, I try to show who I truly am.  [That heodang aspect within] is part of who I am, so I don’t think of it as a bad thing.  Yes, that’s my true character.

@1:55~ puahahaha at LSG reciting Lee Jaeha’s proposal from The King 2 Hearts!  LOL at LSG busting out laughing with embarrassment!

@2:45~ yes!!!  SO anticipating LSG’s 2013 drama ‘Gu Family Book.’  can’t wait!

@3:25~ aw, so sweet…  Another translation…

Q: What does ‘fans’ mean to Lee Seunggi?

LSG: Fans…?  Something that I can’t be without… fans are that.  I’m always thankful… and sorry.  Without fans, me being an entertainer would be altogether meaningless.

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