Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi parka’ prize on TVN’s ‘3 Idiots’

(video: BBQMobile)

December 16, 2012.  TVN 3 Idiots.  New non-edited cable variety show with Sugeun, Jiwon, Jongmin and Jun Hyunmoo, from Lee Myung Han PD, formerly with 1N2D.  Special ‘guest appearance’ @2:50~4:00~ Chance to win daebak gift… the Lee Seunggi parka!  Another Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi’ item?!

LOL! at the hyungs mimicing Seunggi’s print ad pose – TVN 3 Idiots Ep 11 intro cut.

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Park Shi Hoo sings Lee Seunggi’s ‘Will you Marry Me’

(video: entertainmentSBS)

December 17, 2012. SBS Healing Camp.  Park Shi Hoo @2:00~3:25.  MCs suggest he try a ballad.  PSH says how about Will you Marry Me by Lee Seunggi, and MCs crack up, since he messed up earlier song.  But PSH totally goes for it, awkwardness, off-tune, and all!  OMG~  Cringe-worthy, Hilarious, yet kinda endearing cute.  WYMM is the Nation’s proposal song, for sure!  Nothing beats the original~~~ MC Mong ♥

(video: phuong anh Nguyen)

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Q&A Loen Entertainment Ask in a Box: Lee Seung Gi (이승기)

(video: LOENENT) English subtitles – hit CC.

Omg, Seunggi’s adorkable laugh throughout this Q & A session!  So funny!  And the shout-out to Malaysia, fans must’ve been so happy.

@1:25 English translation of ‘heodang’ as ‘not so smart’ wasn’t really accurate…

Heodang is more like being flaky, absent-minded, ditzy.  A smart and put-together person, but with unexpected flaky tendencies.  There’s a cute, endearing connotation.  Totally popularized by Seunggi’s 1N2D character… appropriately named by Kim C!  Many celebs now using ‘heodang’ to describe themselves.

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[2012.12.27] Billboard K-pop Hot 100 – #1 Lee Seunggi, 5th straight week

What an A-mazing way to end the 2012 year~!!!  Seriously, sorta unbelievable~~
Seunggi at #1 on Billboard Korea with ‘RETURN’ for 5th straight week!
Also at #43 (Words saying I love you)!  A Happy Happy Happy Holidays for Seunggi!

(video: KoreaBillboard)

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