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Seunggi cooks, shows off killer arms [2012 Zipel Asak show]

*swoon* Seunggi in black short-sleeve, fitted t-shirt (and killer arms!) from the 2012 Samsung Asak Show… Not much needs to be said… Happy Holidays photospam~!!

Sugeun so funny~~~ hehehe.

He always get to be SO touchy with Seunggi!  huhuhu.

OMG, Seunggi always looks so freaking HOT in a kitchen apron!!!
Please let’s see more of this kind of thing in his new upcoming drama please!

A guy who can cook~~~~ Yes!!  So hot hot hot!!!

And SO cute cute cute at the same time!!!

Seeing Seunggi eat always makes me hungry~~~~~

And makes me want to eat whatever he’s eating…  kimchi-shrimp wraps!

Fan photos – Killer arms edition.  Ha.

Again~~~~~ please~~~~ let’s see more of this in the new drama!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. Seung Gi looks so HOT! Love his radiant n bright smile!! I feel happy just looking at his handsome face!!!

  2. This guy look freakin hot… :D

  3. thanks for the pics!!! felt like i was also there watching :D

    Is lee seung gi a catholic? It looks like he is wearing a rosary. I read somewhere that he is an atheist. just curious… :)

    • I know right?! Felt like we’re there. Love how he’s smiling and laughing in all the pics… in simple shirt, hat, looking great, like the star he is!

      I think the rosary is more a fashion accessory. lots of celebs wear rosary-inspired stuff.

      also, I don’t think he is atheist. Most koreans believe in a higher being or creator.

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