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Lee Seunggi and celebs vote for S. Korea’s next president

December 19, 2012.  18th Presidential Election voting day in South Korea.  The NEC Honorary Ambassador showing up to cast his ballot.  Oh Seunggi, if only I could be your Cody for just ONE week… to select, assemble, piece together your looks…  and to have just 5 mins with your hair~~~!!!  huhuhu.   But love the scarf!  And of course, the dazzling smile as always!

Can we please let up on the tucked-in, belted ajusshi-ness in the new year!

this long curled locks hairstyle has been going on all fall/winter…

just give me 5 mins and some good hair wax and it could be SO awesome!!

Other celebs ‘caught’ voting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Seunggi’s Running Man hyung-nim~~

the sweet and lovable MC Yoo Jaesuk photographed by a fan with fans.

Hoi Hoi~~~ Seunggi’s lovable gumiho looking totally natural yet super fashionable!

Her early start as a model really comes through in her impeccable fashion taste.

Hoi Couple forever~~~~!!!!!  miss our Daewoong and Miho~~~~

Lee Byun Hun looking way taller than his on-the-shorter side height, and looking so put together!  Combed hair, nice glasses, slim stylish double-breasted coat.

Still can’t wrap my head around how Seunggi gets more ajusshi styling than 42-year old Lee Byung Hun!!!!

Hyunbin also showing up in a simple but stylish buttoned-up winter coat.

Wrapped up in a super-long scarf, slim jeans, topped-up with a hat.  He and Lee Byunghun both understand the style power of a great fashionable winter coat.  For guys, that and a great scarf accessory is all you need too look great in the winter!  And Hyunbin totally gets that, especially having begun his career as a model.

Another guy who started his career as a model, and probably the most stylish~~

So Jisup does a totally laid-back, baggy sweatpants, t-shirt, sneakers look, but has A-mazing style sense to pair that with subtle but awesome high-brow accessories like a knit neck warmer, newsboy cap, sunglasses, leather gloves, and perfectly simple black winter coat!  OMG, if I was a hardcore So Jisup fan, I would regularly faint from being in fashion/style heaven!

Even still~~~ just look at our Seunggi~~~~  Just can’t help but to heart him!

But please, more of THIS in 2013!  OR, simply just less ajusshi fashion/hair, ok?!

Hehehehe~~~  So amusing~~~ Can’t believe the press caught this…  current Strong Heart MC Lee Dongwook longingly(?) staring at Seunggi!

No words necessary, the photo says it all!!!! Ha.

Final voter turnout for the 18th presidential election = 75.8%.

Higher than recent presidential elections’ voter turnout.

Following the NEC Honorary Ambassador leading up to the election has been fun!

Hope the National Election Commission’s public service message doesn’t get lost, and that the next 5 years of South Korean governance will be about moving society progressively forward rather than backward.

So proud to be a fan~~~~~

Images: As labeled

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6 Responses

  1. Really itchy fingers right? I feel for you, girl!

  2. I totally can feel your “pain” after seeing how other celebs were dressed at the same occasion!

  3. I don’t really get fashion so I don’t see anything wrong with what he’s wearing and most people in other pics looked like they just got out of bed to me… so.. Though I never like when he wears turtlenecks. Though the smile makes up for everything.

  4. Not sure why you thought other celebs looked better?….I love Seung Gi’s out sit on Election Day n thought he looked bright n cheerful n confident!

  5. Seunggi looks fine but its one of those things where you know he could look sooo much better had he been styled more..age-appropriate. I don’t think cody ever gets anything right, sigh. For starters, his hair…I would like to see him sport shorter hair, similar to his King 2 hearts days except it would be more trimmed in the sides. It’s really about time he look his age!
    Its such a good thing that Seunggi’s personality is radiant enough to overcome his cody’s fashion sense.

  6. Tbh, I don’t really mind with his outfit in the election, maybe, yes, maybe the scarf make it all for me. Or Have I just gave up because of the cody?? LOL!

    But still…my heart can’t accept the hair. I was shouting, “THE HAIR!” HAHAHAHA, STILL…

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