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OMFG~~~ Lee Seunggi for Star1 Magazine [Preview Excerpt]

OMFG OMFG OMFG~~  I can’t utter much more right now!  Wahhh, early Christmas present for LSGfan!!!  I love you Star1!!!  When Seunggi was mentioned in Shin Mina’s Star1 interview, I was SO hoping to see him in it later too… and it happened… like, out of nowhere!  And for the new year January 2013 issue.  cannot wait to see the entire spread/interview!  LSGfan = super duper happy fangirl!

“Seung-le-lujah nickname, if a typhoon is coming bring Seunggi”
[Interview excerpt]

English: LSGfan via atstar1

Lee Seunggi “Uhm-chin-ah image is frustrating?  I have no plans to purposely go about changing.”

What does ‘uhm-chin-ah’ mean to Lee Seunggi? 

Multi-entertainer Lee Seunggi revealed his honest feelings about his ‘uhm-chin-ah’ image in his interview and photo spead for the January 2013 issue of @star1 magazine.

Regarding his ‘uhm-chin-ah image,’ Lee Seunggi honestly revealed, “I’ve never purposely set out to develop an uhm-chin-ah image,” adding “I’ve never sought to go about arbitrarily changing my image as well.  I just simply show how I really am.  Perhaps that in itself has been an advantage for me.”

Among fans, Seunggi is referenced as ‘Seung-le-lujah.’  Meaning that when Seunggi appears, bad things turn out for the good. 

Lee Seunggi said, “I am aware of this reference.  Isn’t that moniker something to feel good about?”  He added with a chuckle, “Among fans, I heard they would say, ‘when a tsunami is on its way, bring Seunggi along.”‘

In the January 2013 issue of @star1 magazine, on the magazine stands December 20, Lee Seunggi poured out straightforward talk about his resolutions as a singer, actor, and variety personality, and Lee Seunggi the person apart from his celebrity.  Breaking from his typical image, you can meet Lee Seunggi transformed 180 degrees for his fashion spread. 

OMFG~~~~~!!!!!  Can’t wait to see the entire spread!!!

Images: As labeled

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17 Responses

  1. I don’t think I’ll appreciate, he looks ghastly honestly. I give this a miss :-(

    • Really??!! Are you serious?! That’s what high fashion spreads are supposed to be about – imagination, transformation, high concept. If i want to see how Seunggi looks in everyday wear, then we already get through this regular activities and public events and endorsements. actually, I think it’s supposed to resonate his part-beast/part human role for his upcoming drama.

      Honestly, while fans love his cute, boy-next-door, sweet image, i think he needs to show more of this charismatic, edgy side – sorta a given for actors, and he hasn’t done that much at all.

      I’m loving it. Wasn’t too thrilled about the images from the preview video cuts, but I’m loving these photos and can’t wait to see the rest!!!

      • Me too~!
        I really like it and can’t wait to see more~

        I was hoping to see new sides of Seung Gi oppa or just oppa is other styles other than the usual sweet, cute and friendly style~ Let the beast unveil~~~ haha~
        And my wish was fulfilled with this~! Allowing me to have a sneak peak on the beast Seung Gi oppa for the upcoming drama! <3

  2. Can’t wait to see whole set as well. .
    even in a bad guy or good boy image. .he always melt his fan. .,, love love ♡♡

  3. omo so hot.

  4. OMG -jaws drop-
    I love the bad boy

  5. Ya he kinda looks part beast/part human in this spread. Now I wish the upcoming drama isn’t sageuk.. would like to see him in this fashion thru 20 episodes.

  6. Devilishly handsome! Hero out of a Gothic novel! Especially the cover shot – I am like, whatever you want, take it!

    • Yes. I like the ‘hero out of Gothic novel’ part. I did not keep the other magazines (Instyle, Vogue) that Seung Gi was in but I ordered Star 1 the first day I saw the photos from the shoot.

  7. Yup me too like his devilish look….tho must say I almost reach out to comb his hair n might just wash that gorgeous face of his!!!!

  8. Like the last one sitting on the chair……The look and the style . Not too sure about the way the rest are photographed. Something missing.

  9. Love all the photos except the one on the cover..i thought it made him look somewhat older and his hair just seems wrong somehow :/ imo.

    • oh, we shared the same thought, I think they made his face looks so dark that it’s like dirty (as in not clean :I) I wonder why they have to made him look so old when he’s not :(, well but it’s just some pics, the others look stunning :D

    • Not too crazy about the cover photo either, but I love the rest. ;)

  10. Loved the mood and look of the photoshoot… Seung gi definitely looks hot!!….. However, my only gripe is in some of the shots, his hair looks greasy( too much wax maybe?).

  11. I kind of agree with everyones comments, but still love to see that beautiful face and slim figure:D so Gorgeous!

  12. Holy addfoausdfjioahsdf THERE IS A PHOTOSHOOT GOD OUT THERE. Why can’t we see more of this edgy style from Seung Gi?! C’mon Cody, work with us here! Love the look and gritty atmosphere from the photoshoot – as well as duh, Seung Gi himself!

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