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Seunggi gets sunbae respect, shows love for Beast’s Yoseob

December 13, 2012. Press photos from MNET Mcountdown triple crown win.  Getting mad respect from the hoobae singers!  (love this about our K-culture!)  Ailee, B1A4, Yoseob, Girlsday(?) being great hoobaes and giving Seunggi the royal sunbae treatment.  Aw, some were guests showcased at his concert.  (but who were all the others on stage?!  Sadly, it’s hard to distinguish among all the gazillion-member idol groups without being told their name).  These snapshots are SO freaking jjang~~~

LSG so completely laid-back and chill, while super happy too!


Screencaps seriously capture EVERYthing~~~  So dabak!!

Awwwww, Seunggi is the bestest sunbae and hyung/oppa ever~~~!!!

Showing love for dongseng and fellow nominee Yoseob, acknowledging him!


Hugging it out with Yoseob~~~~ this sequence is too cute and HILarious!

OMG, Yoseob looks like a little kid next to Seunggi!

(more I think about it~ please no more middle-part hairstyle for Seunggi!!!)

Congrats to Seunggi~~~~!!!!!!

Images: As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Agree!
    No more Middle part hair!! -oh, cody!!-
    Haha, he’s so cute with Yoseob..CMIIW, they went to the same high school ;)

  2. Seung Gi was the best looking n most sparkling star on that stage that day! Not sure we’re those giggling gals who looked so thrilled behind Seung Gi……Anyway, Congratulations to Lee Seung Gi!!!

  3. omg, that hug *-* IT’S SO CUUUUUTE <3

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