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Lee Seunggi: 5.5 album production story with Epitone Project

This was prior to the album’s release on Naver Music – in Seunggi’s own words.  Reading it now, a month since the album’s release and all the overwhelming love for the album and songs from the public masses… makes all of this way more sweet.

November 2012 Music Special
Lee Seunggi. 5.5 Album [Forest]
Production story of working together with Epitone Project

English: LSGfan via Naver Music

Sensitive musician Epitone Project and Lee Seunggi’s fantastic healing music – Lovingly embraced by the mass public for his sweet voiced ballads, singer Lee Seunggi plans to stimulate the sensitivities of the mass public again with his 5.5 mini-album this winter. Even before the mini-album was released, the joint collaboration with singer-songwriter Epitone Project gathered a lot of buzz, anticipating the coupling of these two musicians.

Two young musicians who wanted to create great music that could be listened to repeatedly. Lee Seunggi and Epitone Project’s healing music. This will stimulate and warm your sensitivities this winter…

Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi. I’ve come to you with my mini-album, one year since my 5th album. This time I collaborated with Epitone Project. Previously I focused mainly on singing the songs, but this time I got to be directly involved in the producing. (Although it is a collaboration). I’m introducing my mini-album to you all. Songs such as Return, Forest, Invitation to Me – just the lyrics alone are enough to completely move your hearts as songs.

The melody and lyrics repetition of Return’s refrain are particularly strong like that of a title track and a great ballad fit for this season.  The music video goes well with the song too.  In particular, the acting of the child actor Kim Youjung was really great.  And the location site matched my song well.

The melody and poetry of the lyrics of Forest bring healing and peace of mind to people, as life can be stressful and complicated.  If you close your eyes and listen to the songs, you’ll sense warm strength filling up from the bottom of your heart as the gentle string instrumental resonates that of a small concert deep in a forest. 

Words that I Love You is about the sadness after unnecessarily sending away a lover after not saying the common simple words ‘I love you,’ and I expressed the hurt related to this separation through concise lyrics.  The electric guitar and piano became the main without strings, so rather than appealing to my typical tone and expression of my ballads, I let go of and released the maximum strength possible and sang this song.  I sought after a simple ballad and I hope that showed through.  Also, I think the lyrics I composed were expressed even better through Epitone Project’s great arrangement.

Invitation to Me is a medium tempo, lovely tuned song overflowing with comfortable and warm feelings, and I think the well-matched melody of the acoustic guitar and strings together with the bright and cheerful lyrics bring out the harmony in my voice.  For those listening to the song, it will definitely lift up your mood. 

I spent a lot of time in the recording studio with Epitone Project talking a lot about music, and it was a really great opportunity for me.  I can’t really think of any specific episodes or happenings while working with Epitone Project, but what mainly comes to mind are music motifs or when I thought of lyrics we would talk by phone or stay up all night into the morning at Epitone Project’s studio talking.

I once again realized that it takes the cooperation of a lot of people to make one song.  Producers, recording engineers, musicians, and many other people are needed to complete a song and this was another great experience for me.  Especially since this album required various instruments and musicians, I think more time was involved.  When recording, I worked hard to harmonize with the instruments, whether it be piano or strings, so that my music would bring healing to you all.  I hope that many people may experience healing through my music.

The 100-page photo essay book was definitely another fun aspect of this album.  I produced this photo essay book because I wanted people listening to my songs to be able to directly sense the spaces that were similar to the music and so I wanted to share such scenic landscapes and photos.  The photo essay book consists of more natural, non-made-up snapshots and angle shots that I wanted to take as photography is something I really enjoy, and so there is enjoyment in looking through that on top of listening and enjoying the songs. 

I think the work of producing is even harder than singing.  However, my heart felt really content after everything was completed.  I hope you all will show a lot of love for my mini-album.  Thank you.

Lee Seunggi 5.5 Album [Forest]

Receiving a lot of love from the masses for his gentle voice and ballads, singer Lee Seunggi has returned this winter with his 5.5 album and plans to once again capture the hearts of the masses.  After news broke that he would be working with singer-songwriter Eptione Project, there was already a lot of buzz prior to the album release and anticipation for the collaboration between these two musicians.  Aimed at creating songs that anyone could enjoy and be soothed by, these two young musicians began working together in the spring of 2012 and produced touching lyrics and melodies that will showcase a new side of Lee Seunggi.

from the Photo Essay Book

Invitation to Me, official MV

(video: LOENENT)

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2 Responses

  1. His album certainly achieved what he hoped it would, and more! Thank you Seunggi for a wonderful, beautiful set of songs to cheer and warm the hearts.

  2. this man…
    when he looked so serious..aw charming
    when he smiles in variety show..aw cute
    when he posed for some ads n photo shots..*speechless*

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