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[2012.12.13] MNET Mcountdown: Seunggi as princely self

December 13, 2012. Press photos from Seunggi’s Return performance from his Mcountdown triple crown win. Looking very much the crown prince self he is!  Cody came through for this big event!  Whew!  Not fully digging the middle part hair thing he’s been sporting recently, but no denying he looked princely perfect!

Closing out the broadcast of Mcountdown…

Seunggi does encore of #1 song, Return~~~  he looks so content!

Wait~~~~~~~ Whoa~~~~~~

what’s going on with his shirt and the buttons in these pix???!!!!  Daebak!

Images: As labeled

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4 Responses

  1. Hahaha! He turns us all into, no, not perverts, but what? I saw one picture with one peekaboo crack and that got a lot of people excited already. Yours has TWO! Wait, oh no, the other one was just the necklace!

  2. Yes, yes, yes he is a prince alright! He acts like one, he looks like one, therefore, he must be a prince. a true prince

  3. ha

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