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[2012.12.20] Billboard K-pop Hot 100 – #1 Lee Seunggi for 4th straight week

Huhuhu~~  Seunggi’s Return at #1 for 4th straight freaking week on Billboard Korea!!!
Also at #35 (Words saying I love you), #44 (Forest)!  So A-mazing!  Congrats Congrats!

(video: KoreaBillboard)

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Seunggi gets sunbae respect, shows love for Beast’s Yoseob

December 13, 2012. Press photos from MNET Mcountdown triple crown win.  Getting mad respect from the hoobae singers!  (love this about our K-culture!)  Ailee, B1A4, Yoseob, Girlsday(?) being great hoobaes and giving Seunggi the royal sunbae treatment.  Aw, some were guests showcased at his concert.  (but who were all the others on stage?!  Sadly, it’s hard to distinguish among all the gazillion-member idol groups without being told their name).  These snapshots are SO freaking jjang~~~

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[2012.12.13] MNET Mcountdown: Seunggi as princely self

December 13, 2012. Press photos from Seunggi’s Return performance from his Mcountdown triple crown win. Looking very much the crown prince self he is!  Cody came through for this big event!  Whew!  Not fully digging the middle part hair thing he’s been sporting recently, but no denying he looked princely perfect!

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Lee Seunggi: 5.5 album production story with Epitone Project

This was prior to the album’s release on Naver Music – in Seunggi’s own words.  Reading it now, a month since the album’s release and all the overwhelming love for the album and songs from the public masses… makes all of this way more sweet.

November 2012 Music Special
Lee Seunggi. 5.5 Album [Forest]
Production story of working together with Epitone Project

English: LSGfan via Naver Music

Sensitive musician Epitone Project and Lee Seunggi’s fantastic healing music – Lovingly embraced by the mass public for his sweet voiced ballads, singer Lee Seunggi plans to stimulate the sensitivities of the mass public again with his 5.5 mini-album this winter. Even before the mini-album was released, the joint collaboration with singer-songwriter Epitone Project gathered a lot of buzz, anticipating the coupling of these two musicians.

Two young musicians who wanted to create great music that could be listened to repeatedly. Lee Seunggi and Epitone Project’s healing music. This will stimulate and warm your sensitivities this winter…

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