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Ambassador Lee Seunggi promotes, votes in South Korea’s 18th Presidential Election… and voter turnout already high!

from the National Election Commission kick-off with Ambassador Lee Seunggi

LSG: As much as I am an ambassador model, I hope there will be a historical number of votes… So that the National Election Commission can hear that they did a good job in choosing a model! I will show a lot of interest and be active, so I hope you will show a lot of support. Thank you

Dec. 19, 2012, 4:09pm 5pm KST = 70% – Voter turnout (real-time) – 18th presidential election.  Already way higher than the 17th presidential election (2007), and on its way to surpassing the 16th presidential election (2002).  Voter turnout for 13th-15th presidential election were in the 80% range, so that will be hard to reach… but who knows??!!!  Especially when Honorary Ambassador Lee Seunggi is involved!!!  LOLs.

Want to see LSG to get his wish for high votes!  LOL.  No but really, this is a serious election, and SO proud to see Korea turning out in super high numbers to vote!  Hoping for a good result!  Everything LSG-related is like watching the stock-market!

But what the heck~~~ Seoul with the lowest turnout so far!  3 more hours to go!  Come on, especially all the young peoples, brave the cold and long lines and vote!!!

Our NEC Honorary Ambassador…

promoting voter turnout at Nate~~~

And NEC trending all day at Naver~~~

with our LSG greeting people on how to vote!

OMG, but this is sorta messed up! Vote Snapshot Photo Zone.

They cut out SBS announcer Park Sunyang’s face, so people can take a photo with Seunggi this way!  She joked/lamented on twitter~~ ‘huhu my face hurts.’

LSG is seriously everywhere in Korea~~~

And for a super duper good cause!  So proud to be a fan!!!!

More photos from Dispatch of Ambassador Seunggi voting in his precinct~~~

“Together with a lovely smile~”… Lee Seunggi, the Prince’s vote

Images: Naver, As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. And look at all the ahjummas in the back :D, they’re all smile seeing uri Seunggi :D

  2. Soo happy to read this…so proud to be a fan!
    Job well done, Seunggi!

  3. National Election Commission, you did a good job in choosing a model.

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