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Lee Seunggi & Heritory renew endorsement contract for 2013

As expected, but still great news and a big accomplishment.  Heritory is renewing their endorsement contract with Seunggi for the 2013 year! Aside from figure skater Kim Yuna and actress Kim Taehee, I can’t think of another celebrity in Korea that has had so many long-term consecutive contract renewals as Seunggi. And with such high-profile companies (i.e., Samsung Zipel, KB Financial Group, Kolon Sport, Pizza Hut, LG Perioe, Danone Activia), which in turn, become synonymous with Seunggi.

Heritory renews endorsement contract with Lee Seunggi for 2013

Lee Seunggi’s CF star status and the ‘Lee Seunggi effect’ have been acknowledged yet again. It was revealed on December 17, 2012 that Sejung Group renewed its endorsement contract with actor-singer Lee Seunggi for its traditional casual brand, Heritory, for the 2013 year. Endorsing the brand since its launch, Lee Seunggi with his smart and clean-cut image has been a great fit for Heritory.

According to a Heritory representative, “As we were launching the brand, the Heritory clothes that Lee Seunggi wore during the filming of his drama became popular and increased sales. We have also been involved in promotions associated with Lee Seunggi’s recent album release and concert activities.”

On December 14, a Heritory fan signing event was held at the Kyungju store to commemorate the contract renewal. On this day, not only fans from Korea, but those from China, Japan, and elsewhere attended the event, once again attesting to Lee Seunggi’s popularity.

Senior executive for Heritory, Kim Sunwoo said, “We were able to establish the brand image in a short amount of time through Lee Seunggi’s intimate and familiar image, which has high favorability among men and women of all ages. We are looking forward to reinforcing the brand image through various activities together with model Lee Seunggi next year as well, and anticipate the synergy that will result from this.”

Reflecting England’s classic sophistication and contemporary British traditional fashion, Heritory can be found in 50 stores and shopping malls located in Korea.

via Sportsseoul, Edaily, Osen

Congrats to our Seunggi~!!  can’t wait to see him in Heritory again for his new drama!

Aw, all these were from Heritory~~ I didn’t realize that.  SBS One Night interview, KBS DongHeng kimchi-making, Samsung Smart Camera sponsorship.

Hope we get to see some of these styles this winter…

Recent Heritory sponsorship event held in Korea…

with lots of Seunggi-related exhibits, examples, promotionals!

from the Heritory Kyungju fan signing event~~~

Not sure if Heritory will keep Jung Yumi.  She wasn’t the main exclusive model like Seunggi, but she was the female face for the clothes.  Nothing against her, she seems nice and all, but I just never felt drawn to her.  Kind of excited to see if there may be a new girl…

Images: Heritory

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5 Responses

  1. YES!!
    I know it hehe, the brand image suited Seung Gi the most, love-love-love Seung Gi in it^^

  2. the brand seunggi rocks….hope it get’s more bigger day by day……

  3. Seung Gi’s slim n lanky physique, couple with his clean-cut gentleman image, are perfect match for the Heritory classic style. I fell in love with this brand after seeing how dashing Seung Gi looked in their clothes. Then again, with Seung Gi’s perfect body n long legs, he looks nice in anything!!!!! ^ ^

  4. *smiling* still so happy about this news

  5. wise corp! Prince Seung Gi is a perfict match to advertise style and hi-cut fashion clothes. He is So handson and gentleman, so lovely and so tall! love to see his beautful smile:D

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