More Seunggi & Paju Moms making kimchi for those in need

More BTS photos from PajuMom blog, and recent DongHeng community event cut. Great candid shots of Seunggi and everyone making kimchi for those in need.  Yay for volunteering and community service and helping others~~~

Kimchi making~~~~

Seriously, anyone’s who’s done it knows…

kimchi-making is super tiring and exhausting work!  Arms so sore the next day.

but moms are amazing, they have amazing arm strength!

Ooohhhhh~~ much better.

Nice fitted ‘PajuMom’ apron look!!! hehe.

Together with Dong Heng participant, young dad, Sukgyu~~

Bacchaus~~~  best Korean energy drink ever!

Like Red Bull, but supposedly not as bad for you.

He must’ve been tired… kimchi-making is a serious body/arm workout!


Seunggi with his hand around Soyun and Dayun~~

omg, this is too cute.  This young Paju Mom hit the jackpot this day!

I miss Seunggi eating on tv and his awesome foodgasm expressions. huhu.

Images: PajuMom blog

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