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Candid photos: Seunggi oppa-hyung & ‘DongHeng’ friends

Wah~~ Soyun, Dayun with Seunggi oppa after making, delivering kimchi to their apt.  Love the bond he still has with these girls after 2 years.  And Soyun’s cute red London hoodie… hm, where’d she get that?!  How can our prince/king be SO awesome~~?!

I think he also delivered kimchi to a neighborhood school or possibly orphanage.  He also did that after last year’s Lottery Commission kimchi-making event.  Aw, the little boys and the bestest attentive hyung ever~~~

Hehe, even Manager-nims volunteered their time at the kimchi-making event…


why you always gotta be so cute and lovely, Seunggi???!!!!

Images: PajuMom, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. He’s totally at ease with them; they’re totally at ease with him (well, perhaps except that baby, hahaha)…

  2. these are totally heart warming pics. candid camera is always the best, capture unpredictable moment and that’s when sincerity is captured :)

  3. I agree why, why, why is he has to be soooooooooooo adorable, I’m so jealous of that baby, to be caressed his little cute cheeks by the prince, so sweet:)

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