Lee Seung Gi (이승기) – Invite(나에게 초대) MV

Whoa, so totally unexpected and out of nowhere… but so awesome and jjang~~!!  Including cameo of his Brompton bike and Viking ride from The King 2 Hearts!

(video: LOENENT)

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Candid photos: Seunggi oppa-hyung & ‘DongHeng’ friends

Wah~~ Soyun, Dayun with Seunggi oppa after making, delivering kimchi to their apt.  Love the bond he still has with these girls after 2 years.  And Soyun’s cute red London hoodie… hm, where’d she get that?!  How can our prince/king be SO awesome~~?!

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More Seunggi & Paju Moms making kimchi for those in need

More BTS photos from PajuMom blog, and recent DongHeng community event cut. Great candid shots of Seunggi and everyone making kimchi for those in need.  Yay for volunteering and community service and helping others~~~

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