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Seunggi’s Presidential Election reminder up at Seoul City Hall

December 19 – 18th Presidential Election and Seoul City elections. Voting time 6am-6pm. Your votes will shape South Korea’s future.
(National Election Commission, Campaign for Clean, Fair Elections)

This is so freaking daebak~~!!! I can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi voting on Dec. 19!

Please~~~ let the 18th Presidential Election turn out well!!  (and be clean & fair!!!)  Everyone needs to come out and vote~~~ and be part of shaping S. Korea’s future!!!

Like all big-time city government institutions around the world, Seoul City Hall has been symbolic of important public service messages and key cultural events.

Past promos draped on Seoul City Hall~~  So cool!  Makes me so proud!

Winter ice-skating space nearby~~~

Anything soceer-related~~!!  LOLs.  Our undying love for all-things-soccer~~

Ooohhhh~~~~ loves this~~~~

Naver search for presidential election pops up National Election Commission’s public service campaign video and homepage!  Whoa, we’ve seen way more of Honorary Ambassador Seunggi (non-paid endorsement), than the other paid ambassador participants!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver

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4 Responses


  2. That’s pretty amazing. Sometimes I feel like our country doesn’t promote voting enough here. I also wouldn’t complain waking up seeing Lee Seung Gi’s smile everywhere as I go to work!!! :D

  3. Seung Gi at City Hall – better than the president! His future – President of SK – who knows.

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