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Korean stars for Cartier Love Collection [December 2012]

Christmas in 10 days~~!!!  Can auntie in Korea please surprise me with a red box?!  Maybe she’ll be moved by holiday spirit(!) and contribute by purchasing a gift??!!!

[Press Release] December 1~31, 11am-7:30pm.  Cartier.  Cheognamdong, Seoul.  2012 Love Collection exhibit.  In its 6th year, profits from sale of the Love Bracelet will support the International Vaccine Institute to help stop the spreading of diseases among children living in poverty around the world.  Korean stars taking part in this year’s campaign include: Kim Taehee, Kim Namjoo, So Jisup, Lee Seunggi, Ji Jinhee, Han Chaeyoung, Jessica, Choi Siwon, Park Taehwan, Suzy.  The campaign aimed to capture and photograph the naturalness of these stars.

Cartier Winter Tale (not Seunggi-related, but Cartier-related!  Sooooooo cute!)

(video: Cartier)

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Seunggi wins MNET Mcountdown triple-crown [2012.12.13]

Congrats to crown prince Lee Seunggi~~~ Actor, MC, currently killing it as Singer~~~

(Aw, Seunggi giving Yoseob a hug~~ who wouldn’t want him as hyung~~!!!!)
LSG: Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the show. Thanks for giving this to me for 3 consecutive weeks. [I’m also happy to be one of the nominees for #1 with our close dongseng, Yoseob. Although hyung feels a bit bad for receiving this].  I’ll study music more and work hard to share good music with everyone. Thank you!  (English: LSGfan, Video: MNET)

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Seunggi’s Presidential Election reminder up at Seoul City Hall

December 19 – 18th Presidential Election and Seoul City elections. Voting time 6am-6pm. Your votes will shape South Korea’s future.
(National Election Commission, Campaign for Clean, Fair Elections)

This is so freaking daebak~~!!! I can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi voting on Dec. 19!

Please~~~ let the 18th Presidential Election turn out well!!  (and be clean & fair!!!)  Everyone needs to come out and vote~~~ and be part of shaping S. Korea’s future!!!

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