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Billboard Korea news [December 1st week]: Review/Analysis

LSG cut @6:35~~~ Analysis of all 4 tracks from 5.5 album

Return – the title song is a string arrangement that introduces the story behind the album.  It starts off with lyrics, ‘the mysterious end of that season, I think, did I really love you?’ and the music video stimulates one’s senses with his much matured voice.

Forest – an autumn track featuring poetic lyrics and hymn chants, and simply listening to his voice makes you feel like you’re taking a stroll in a forest.

Words saying I love You – Lee Seunggi WROTE the lyrics and COMPOSED this track. The bass and the brass in the middle of the song go together quite well.  The song is pieced together with his clean voice, which quietly makes your heart beat.

Invitation for Me – this last track was written by Epitone Project on behalf of Lee Seunggi. Unlike the other other songs, it tells a bright and hopeful story.  The string arrangement certainly stands out in the song.  The song is filled with his clear, exciting and uplifting voice.

Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 album ‘Forest’ is stirring up a lot of interest as the tracks’ compassion and the matching photo essay were released together. 

(Yes, cut of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’, ending with Seunggi’s MV!)

English/Video: KoreaBillboard

And more great news~~~

Seunggi’s RETURN just hit #1 for the third straight week on Billboard Korea~~~!!!!

(should be officially updated on the charts soon!)

Woot Woot~~~  congrats congrats congrats~~~!!!!!

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