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Seunggi sings, talks at Epitone Project concert [2012.12.08]

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Epitone Project concert [December 8, 2012]
Talk time with special guest, Lee Seunggi

English: LSGfan, Audio: Tryp96

LSG Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. (EP and LSG laughing at the awkwardness!)
EP: After seeing each other in sweats in the studio all the time… this is weird! (Ha)

LSG: This is the first time Epitone Project’s Cha Sejung and I have appeared in public together, looking like entertainers. (LOL) So I’m still getting used to it. After seeing each other early in the mornings, not looking so good(!), it’s nice to appear together like this, after mainly meeting mainly to work. So, congratulations on your concert!
EP: Thank you (applause!!!)

[@1:20] EP: The current song hot on the charts… Return… the song… I composed and wrote it. (applause and laughs!) How does it feel to be here at the concert?
LSG: Um… please speak comfortably~~!
EP: Use ban-mal (non-formal talk)?
LSG: Yes, ban-mal. (LOL) For me, some of you may have already seen the articles, but Epitone Project was a musician I really liked, and the playlist I listened to the most included all the albums. It really warms the hearts of people who are listening. With most songs, you can get tired of them or just skip over after a while, but with Epitone Project’s music, you never get tired of it, no matter how many times you listen to it. So I personally became a fan.

[@2:22] LSG: Per my interviews, there was a separate song he was going to give me. But I tend to be a very initiating, forward type of person, so I went to find him at the studio… First I asked to see the the other song?
EP: Um, yeah your heart seemed set on it (Haha) It makes me think of the first time you heard ‘Return.’
LSG: I totally felt the song after hearing just 2 lines. I felt it right away.
EP: Yeah, after you heard it, you excitedly said, ‘Hyung! Hyung! You have to hear this!’ (puahahaha, EP imitating LSG is HILarious,cute!) Yes, I remember that.
LSG: After listening to that song, rather than thinking title song, I thought, if the songs he has hidden away are this awesome, this album is going to be awesome and even better songs are going to pour out, but… that ended up being the best one. (hahaha)

[@3:20] LSG: He was really busy at the time, but he put a lot into this. He had to prepare for this concert, and had given songs to other singers. But he agreed to it without hesitating… and I checked before coming here today, and the song is still #1. Congratulations~!! (applause!!!)
EP: Oh, thank you~
LSG: I was going to treat you… I should really treat you, right?!
EP: We’ll go soon! (LOL) To have a delicious meal! I’ll definitely go! Wow… (omg, EP in fanboy mode over LSG’s gift of talk! Hehe) Since you’re such a good speaker… if I talk any more, I think it’ll be too hard.  Wow, just wow~~ (omg, EP’s reaction too funny!)

[@4:02] LSG: I was going to invite him to my concert but…
EP: I had something scheduled at the time…
LSG: Yes, that and he also has, how should I describe it… some stage fright?
EP: Yes, I have some of that.
LSG: So he asked, ‘How many people will be there?’ and I said about ’10,000 people at the concert,’ and he immediately said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, but…!’ (LOLs) But being here today, I can see why he felt that way. This is completely different from the vibe at my concert… when the lights turned down, I thought I was singing to myself! (LOL!!) I couldn’t even hear breathing! (Ha!) I wondered, is the concert going on?! (Ha!)

LSG: I want to sincerely congratulate Epitone hyung-nim on his concert. And I’m so happy that good things have resulted for both of us, that we can meet together in a wonderful place like this as the year comes to an end.

EP: Thank you. Seunggi went out of his way in his busy schedule to come here, so we can’t just have only one song. We’ll ask you to sing one more.

LSG: I was pondering what I should sing. Like, it wouldn’t work to sing something like ‘Let’s Go on Vacation’ in this type of setting! (Ha). So I thought about the vibe and decided on this song… Because you’re my woman (omg, I think EP asked LSG for his autograph before he leaves?! Haha)

EP: We’ll listen to Seunggi’s song. Thank you. I’ll move this chair out of the way for you as I leave~~ (Hahaha, omg, EP showing lotsa love and respect for LSG! so cute!)

[5:55] LSG: Okay… wait, there’s a second floor up there too?! Whoa! That totally surprised me! The 2nd floor… why are you so quiet?! (hahahah) Wow (omg LSG so surprised and cracking himself up!) Thank you so much. I need to be a support to this concert, and not mess up the vibe here… I really think of him as a brilliant musician. And I firmly believe that Epitone Project will show everyone even greater things through his music and as a singer. Please show a lot of support, and as this project turned out well, I think we can anticipate his next album. I hope you’ll show a lot of love. (Aw, Seunggi always in top-notch MC mode, showing lotsa love~~) 

LSG: My last song will be Because you’re my woman~~~

Because you’re my Woman

(video: sh reine)

Omg, fan accounts from Epitone Project fans so daebak! He’s an indie singer, so most fans shocked that top-star Seunggi actually showed up! Ha.

And you know, the usual comments from people who see Seunggi for the first time~~ wow, he has such a small face!  so handsome.  it was like seeing a celeb! sings great and with heart. speaks so well. such good manners. etc!!!

In a recent interview with Chosun, a reporter commented that Epitone Project was riding a recent wave of popularity through his collaboration with top stars…

EP: It’s really novel to me too.  Although I knew of Lee Seunggi and Shin Sekyung well, I thought they wouldn’t know me, but they were my fans! (laughter) After releasing my album this past summer, I was planning on resting but then Seunggi contacted me to work on his album, and from the first time we met, we became close as hyung-dongseng.  Seunggi showed a lot of passion from the start, showing up early in the mornings at my studio. 

Really love the mutual respect LSG and EP (fanboy!) have for one another.  Hope they do an interview together on a tv program!  They’re probably so funny together!

Images: As labeled, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this! Love love this exchange between the two guys! I’m amazed! Always love Seunggi’s bromance with the people he works with!
    Seunggi is such an intelligent person, a hard-worker, and he really knows what he wants. Just look at the results! Soo happy that they both benefited from this collaboration.
    What a way to end the year. A successful concert and a daebak album…you truly deserve all this success, Seungg-yah!

  2. Thank you so much for the translation! Seunggi is really a multi-talented person who always respect others so much. He is a star but still remember where he is at and not trying to steal the spotlight from EP’s own concert. I wish for more success in the future, especially end of the year awards.

  3. Dear Ann, thank you so much! I love to see Seung Gi, who is a very charming nerd at heart, interacting with another nerd! And talk about such a fine ear for great songs!

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