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Ambassador Lee Seunggi is everywhere, promoting the Vote

Is Lee Seunggi running for president of S. Korea?!?!  The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Jaeha prepared him well! Public service promotional blitz for National Election Commission – Campaign for Clean, Fair Presidential Elections.   I heard banners, posters, print ads of honorary ambassador Seunggi are EVERYWHERE in Korea!  Too bad he’s not in TV commercials with the others since he’s participating at no-cost in the campaign endorsement.  Love seeing Seunggi promote the importance of presidential voting!

He’s everywhere~~~!!!  subway stations~~

Print media~~~

On city buildings~~~~

Street banners~~~

Along the highways~~~~

I heard even in the more rural parts outside of the city~~

And all over online media outlets~~~

Love the marketing of these public service informational games/cartoons~!!!

Find the path to voting… The path to a great S. Korea. Steps to a fair, clean election.


Welcome to Lee Seunggi’s happy voting school~~ (I would go to his school!)

Today, come out of your house~ Let’s go vote with a happy heart~ (cute!)

Starring Lee Seunggi. Election episodes: Election fairplay. (makes me want to vote!)


Videos: vakaala, Images: DCLSG, Naver

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One Response

  1. awwww! don’t know why, but these anywhere and everywhere LSG are just so cute to me. i know it doesnt fit, LSG + anywhere x everywhere = cute(?) but they are just cute! maybe he IS cute(?) :))

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