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MNET Mcountdown Top 10 [2012.12.06]~~ #1 Lee Seunggi

LSG: Mcountdown viewers~~ I heard that ‘Return’ is #1 for the second straight week. Really… sincerely, thank you so much. (Ha, Seunggi cracking up mid-sentence! Aw, he’s overwhelmed by all the love! Mucho Congrats!!!)

I hope ‘Return’ will provide warm healing to your hearts during this cold winter.  And I hope the upcoming Christmas will be a happy time for you. Thank you.  For 2 straight weeks~~ #1~~!!!  (omg, adorkable side Seunggi!)

English: LSGfan, Video: Mnet

The rest of the top 10 Mcountdown chart~~~

1-Lee Seunggi, 2-,Yoseob, 3-Lee Hi, 4-Ailee, 5-Juniel
6-Noel, 7-Kim SungKyu, 8-Son Dambi, 9-B1A4, 10-Primary

(video: MNET)

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