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RECAP: Seunggi and ‘DongHeng’ friends, Paju Moms make kimchi for those in need [2012.12.06]

December 6, 2012. KBS On the Grounds Report: DongHeng.  This is the program the PajuMom photoblog was referring to.  So darn touching and inspiring~~  prepare to heart Seunggi even more~~~ Is that even possible?!?! Video cut and Recap…

(video: geumju park)

The warm sunlight last November. It was the day of the PajuMoms kimchi making community volunteer event…  A surprise welcomed guest arrives…

(Aw,  lucky ajumma gets volunteer Seunggi all kimchi-making ready!!!)

Having worked together with On the Grounds Report Dongheng for 2 years, it’s singer Lee Seunggi.

The PajuMoms are volunteering their time to make kimchi for recipients in need.  They decided to make and share kimchi for this winter.

Among all the volunteering moms, there’s important dad, Lee Jaekyung…

While happily making kimchi, a face that had been missed appeared…

(From 2011 November 17 DongHeng broadcast) Sukgyu, who had to become a strong family man when he became a father at the age of 19…

Sukgyu touched our hearts with his family attitude, despite being so young.

He rushed over upon hearing news of the kimchi-making community event…

And two people with a special relationship with Lee Seunggi…

(From 2011 September 22 DongHeng program.  Soyun and Dayun greet their mom, saying they’ve returned from school).

With their mom passing away unexpectedly, the two daughters and their dad.

11-year old Soyun who plays the role of both sister and mom, looking after her younger sister who has learning disabilities and their working father.

Their faces have brightened up since the broadcast of their story and the support and cheer for them…

Sharing their love through kimchi making, now it’s time for deliveries…

Lee Seunggi’s first delivery is to Soyun and Dayun’s home…

Following the previous broadcast, their special relationship continues on…

LSG: I’m leaving… Bye~ Bye~~ See you again next time. (huhuhuhu)

The touching and loving kimchi sharing community event with Lee Seunggi. You could feel their warmth through their messages to one another.

Wah~~ is there anything left to say after this???!!!

Seunggi’s new song ‘Invitation’ playing in the background… aw, so perfect~~!!!

(video: Zu Ida)

Images: LSGfan, As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. Very correct song choice . After reading the article and this song ,i just cry.can’t stop loving and admired this young man.God bless him.

  2. Aw, so sweet and touching. Always love Seung Gi’s involvement in community work and his interaction with children. Hope he will continue doing this for many more years.

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