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[Sketchbook 2012.11.30] Lee Seunggi performs ‘Return’ + acoustic guitar stage with Ham Choonho, Jung Sungha

MC Yoo Hee Yeol starts Sketchbook talking about the importance of ‘healing’ in our lives~~ which just happens to be the official promotional description for Seunggi’s 5.5 mini-album~~ healing music!  (aw, YHY fanboy hyung!)  Crowd so excited!

YHY:  “Our first guest – it’s been so long since we’ve seen him on stage here… Soothing voice, sweet smile… but his looks are just a little bit less than me (Ha!)~~ Nation’s son-in-law, Nation’s younger brother… Lee Seung Gi~~~~”

**VIDEO~~ Return [first live performance]

Sounding exactly like the real recording!!!!  And looking sooooooo handsome and like his usual crown prince self~~~  This is what live singing should sound like~~~ yay for real trained vocalists!!!  Aw~~~~ seunggi making me sob with his beautiful voice and beautiful self while singing~~!!!

Next up~~ Talk portion.

More on that in next post~~!!!  (YHY is still very much a Seunggi fanboy hyung!)

YHY and seunggi so cute together on stage… hehehehe

Next up~~ Acoustic guitar stage~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

with top veteran guitarist Ham ChoonHo (51) and whizkid Jung Sungha (16)~~!!

**VIDEO~~ Melody + Like a Flower [4th album, Shadow]

Awesome new fresh arrangements~~~  Omg, so lovely. So beautiful…For Like a Flower, starting out singing in deep voice~~~~ whoa~~~ sounding super hot! belting it out for chorus! hitting the high notes~ Sweet!


Crowd cheers~~~~ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE~~!!!

LSG:  “It’s been such a long time since being on Sketchbook so it’s great to get an encore. Let me take off my jacket~~ (crowd screams. LOLs) This is a song all of you have probably heard somewhere before… This is my song, Smile Boy…”

** VIDEO~~ Smile Boy [Encore song]

Seunggi singing Smile Boy. Only he can sing this great feel-good song.”

♫ ♪♫ ♪ Happy in your smile, laugh more loudly…

♫ ♪♫ ♪ If I have you, I can do anything…

omg, seunggi is killing it, like a boss, showcasing his vocals! Singer Lee Seunggi!

Aw, Seunggi’s part was already over… huhuhuhu.

Wish they didn’t edit out the parts of Seunggi and YHY talking about composing songs and other interesting music-talk.  They even put out press articles before the show about this!  There was like no mention of Seunggi having written one of the songs, and they didn’t air his performance of the song he wrote – Words of Love… huhuhu.  But I read that the Kim BumSoo and Lena Park portions were edited out LOTS too.

I’m sure fans would be more than happy to see a 70-minute Sketchbook broadcast of only Seunggi??!!!  Ha.  But even though his segment seemed short, Sketchbook actually gave him the longest segment (22 minutes of airtime); the talk was longer than last time he was on.  The other guests, Kim BumSoo and Lena Park had to share a total of 30 minutes airtime, and 4-member Noel were squeezed into 19 minutes of airtime.  (LSGfan is math nerd! hehe) So we should be happy~~!!!

YHY ended the show by saying that the theme of today’s Sketchbook was “healing music” and said they had such great singers on today – Lee Seunggi, Park Jung Hyun, Kim Bumsoo, Noel…  Aw, so proud of our Lee Seunggi (25) on Sketchbook~! Grouped with the likes of top vocalists Kim Bumsoo (33), Lena Park (36), Noel (29,31,32,32).

Videos: PoppinsSG;  Images: Roocapolla’s Diary, Naver

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5 Responses

  1. Why did they edit so many good parts? :(, huhu, I want to see him performing news songs instead of old ones.

  2. Awwww… Love him and YHY !!!! They always seem to enjoy each others company. It’s a shame that they edited Seunggi’s version of
    ” Word of Love”. Since he wrote it, I bet he poured his heart into singing it, not that he didn’t do the same for his other songs. I always love his acoustic renditions of his song. It’s when his voice really shines.

    As usual, thank you for all your hard work . I wish I could send you something as a way to show you my appreciation. Until I can find a way, I send you cyber hugs and hearts your way :-)

  3. I’m blown away!! I don’t know if I ever said this before, but this time I’m definitely certain that he made the right choice to leave 1N2D and SH this year. It gave him time and energy to focus in his acting and singing and it really shows!

    I’m mesmerized by his soothing voice for ‘Return’ (its really exactly like the recording). Before this, he sometimes showed problem with low notes which I think due to his exhaustion and lack of practice because of his crazy busy schedule. Here, he’s able to control his voice for the whole performance, perfectly, and it’s not even his normal singing style so I’m double impressed.

    The new arrangement for the second part was brilliant. It showcased Seunggi’s wide range and versatility in his singing. Melody performance was just so beautiful and amazing and Seunggi looked so confident singing it. Then when his voice turned deep when he started singing Like A Flower, that was just stunning! He’s able to change his voice effortlessly.

    Then the rock-style Smile Boy performance, great as usual. I always think high notes is his forte, How tired he is, he’s always able to sing it well.

  4. He is the best singer ♥♥‥‥‥‥♥♥

  5. hello,i have a request,could you please upload lee seung gi’s talking cut in yoo hee yeol sketchbook,not performance just talking part.

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