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Lee Seunggi – 2012 Hope Concert [Press Review]

26 year-old, young adult Lee Seunggi’s non-stop starts
(Reporter: Kim YaeNa; Images: Hook Entertainment)

English: LSGfan via TV Reporter

26 year-old Lee Seunggi has lots of ambition.  Debuting as a ballad singer, then crossing over into variety programs and dramas, nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi has lived in the spotlight.  And he did not disappoint the passionate fans who screamed at his every little gesture and eye contact.  For 150 minutes, he gave it his all.

The 2012 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert took place on December 1, 2012 at the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium.  Lee Seunggi sang a total of 25 songs including his debut song Because You’re my Woman, and other hit songs such as Will you Marry me, Time for Love, White Lie, Let’s Break Up, and new songs from his recent album, Forest.  The first half of the concert included ballads, and the second half included varied stages such as performance, trot, acoustic, dance, and rock. (Some press outlets reporting 27 songs, and 180 minute concert).

Lee Seunggi opened the concert by making an entrance riding wires, greeting fans and sang Slave for his first song.  The audience enthusiastically followed along by jumping around.  He than sang Losing my Mind while flying to the center of the stage.  Lee Seunggi said, “Every year I worry about how I should make an entrance.  That is more stressful than other challenges!”

Sophisticated live through luxurious sound

Lee Seunggi was accompanied by an orchestra during the first half ballads portion and emphasized this element by saying, “We prepared a concert that could be performed at a performing arts center event,” and joked, “Since I can’t perform with the arts center, I brought them here.”  He said he would show a new type of live together with the urban pops team.

During the second half  ‘acoustic’ corner, Lee Seunggi invited guitarists Ham Choonho and Jung Sungha, and showcased a lavish sound and harmony.  Lee Seunggi said, “Rather than just enjoying the concert solely with me, I think this type of prepared stage will give you a good taste for the live” and passionately sang Adio, Melody, and Like a Flower.

Intense spirit of rock vs Horse dance performance

It would be a grave misjudgement to think of Lee Seunggi based solely on his upstanding gentlemanly – heodang younger brother image.  On this day, Lee Seunggi released his rocker instinct and revved up the audience.  He prepared a rock stage for his opening and the ending encore.  Aside from the ballads, most of the time (6 out of the 25 songs) were rock genre.  Lee Seunggi said, “Rock was the genre that made me dream of being a singer when I was in high school,” adding, “It is something I still like and hope to try more in the future.”

Having shown off his charms mostly through cute gesture-motion choreography, this time around he pulled off a dynamic take on Psy’s Gangnam Style horse dance.  The parody changed the ‘oppa style’ to ‘noona style’ with the lyrics –

“Noonas said I was a cute younger brother, noonas said I was lovable, now they call me a real man after seeing me on dramas, a noona with a reversal, that’s my noona style, this well-mannered younger brother is, in actuality, beast style.” (omg, LSGfan needs to see this cut!!!)

Warm and sensitive demonstration of singing and acting

Lee Seunggi said, “Participating in the drama The King 2 Hearts is probably one of the best things I did this year.  Through that project, I got to work with really wonderful teachers and both sunbaes and hoobaes (senior and junior actors).  Personally, it will be a very meaningful drama for me.”  Regarding news of his new drama next year in 2013, Lee Seunggi said, “Although you might be sad that you won’t get to see me on TV as much until then, I plan to work that much harder and prepare to show you more then.”

Reflecting back on the 2012 year, Lee Seunggi said, “I thought I would be more fierce when I was resting, but I became more calm.  It was a really special warm time for me.  I recognized the varied urgency, intensity, and warmth of things.  I am grateful for the time given to me, and I believe that things that can be seen is not the end all, be all.  I will become the Lee Seunggi that can share warmth by taking hold of each and every sensitivity that comes my way.”

The Lee Seunggi Hope Concert will take place again on December 2, 2012.

Everyone can’t help but to love Seunggi~~~!!!! How can anyone not??!!

p.s.  To our amazing @Tryp96~~ the 2nd most loved after Seunggi?!?! hehehe…

Love ya lots!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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10 Responses

  1. *breathe in*breathe out*
    Do I tell you how much I envy them and write this in every news? Seung Gi opppaaaaaa~

  2. Seung gi oppa saranghee…daebakkk oppa… :)

  3. Thanks Ann for the update! You’re beloved too!
    Is there any way we can ask Hook to produce a Dvd of the concert for fans who are unable to attend the concert n I’m also sure that those who have attended would not mind a copy of the Dvd n relive their time at the concert.

  4. Both you and Tryp are AWESOMELY AMAZING just like Seung Gi !!!!!!
    I too want to see the “Noona style” :-) I soooo envy all the fans who got to attend the concert. Sigh….when will it my turn?!

  5. Ann thanks for feeding Us! me too.. i want to see the clip of Noona style.. I demand a petition to Hook to release a DVD this year..

  6. Hi Ann, I just sent you an email.

  7. Thank you for the translation, Ann! :)

    There really needs to be a DVD. Please, Hook!

  8. I also would like to have a copy of the concert DVD although i went to the concert both nights. Please start the petition.

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