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All the best for Lee Seunggi’s 2012 Hope Concert in Seoul!

Ooohh, exciting~~~  Seunggi’s 2012 Hope Concert in Seoul set to start in a few minutes!  Hope the always awesome jet-setting Airens will give the rest of us live updates!  Something tells me this is going to be a seriously daebak concert…  the acoustic guitar arrangements of Seunggi’s OWN wonderful songs (not re-makes!) previewed on Sketchbook, and with I’m sure much more!  There’s a more controlled, chill, mature singer vibe to him this time around…  and I super like!

Just the beautiful, soothing voice alone from the 5.5 album alone are great~~ but if his concert hair/outfits stay the course of Seunggi’s circa 2009 concert and awesome Hwan-ish hair he was stylishly sporting on Sketchbook yesterday…  *swoon*

All the best to crown prince ‘The King’ Lee Seunggi~~~

the singer with the current #1 song in Korea, for the past week~~!!!

Hope they have some behind the scenes stuff like this from the Budokan Concert…

Or better yet, maybe there’s another very hot special event like this from last year~~~

Whoa~~~ Tango Seunggi can dance~~~

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Any body knows where I can see Seunggi’s tango dance?

  2. Are Seunggi and Han Hyo Joo going to be paired in any project again? It seems previous partners are being in dramas and/or films. Hope the two of them will do so too. They were just fantastic together.

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