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Lee Seunggi – 2012 Hope Concert [Press Review]

26 year-old, young adult Lee Seunggi’s non-stop starts
(Reporter: Kim YaeNa; Images: Hook Entertainment)

English: LSGfan via TV Reporter

26 year-old Lee Seunggi has lots of ambition.  Debuting as a ballad singer, then crossing over into variety programs and dramas, nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi has lived in the spotlight.  And he did not disappoint the passionate fans who screamed at his every little gesture and eye contact.  For 150 minutes, he gave it his all.

The 2012 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert took place on December 1, 2012 at the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium.  Lee Seunggi sang a total of 25 songs including his debut song Because You’re my Woman, and other hit songs such as Will you Marry me, Time for Love, White Lie, Let’s Break Up, and new songs from his recent album, Forest.  The first half of the concert included ballads, and the second half included varied stages such as performance, trot, acoustic, dance, and rock. (Some press outlets reporting 27 songs, and 180 minute concert).

Lee Seunggi opened the concert by making an entrance riding wires, greeting fans and sang Slave for his first song.  The audience enthusiastically followed along by jumping around.  He than sang Losing my Mind while flying to the center of the stage.  Lee Seunggi said, “Every year I worry about how I should make an entrance.  That is more stressful than other challenges!”

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[Sketchbook 2012.11.30] Lee Seunggi performs ‘Return’ + acoustic guitar stage with Ham Choonho, Jung Sungha

MC Yoo Hee Yeol starts Sketchbook talking about the importance of ‘healing’ in our lives~~ which just happens to be the official promotional description for Seunggi’s 5.5 mini-album~~ healing music!  (aw, YHY fanboy hyung!)  Crowd so excited!

YHY:  “Our first guest – it’s been so long since we’ve seen him on stage here… Soothing voice, sweet smile… but his looks are just a little bit less than me (Ha!)~~ Nation’s son-in-law, Nation’s younger brother… Lee Seung Gi~~~~”

**VIDEO~~ Return [first live performance]

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All the best for Lee Seunggi’s 2012 Hope Concert in Seoul!

Ooohh, exciting~~~  Seunggi’s 2012 Hope Concert in Seoul set to start in a few minutes!  Hope the always awesome jet-setting Airens will give the rest of us live updates!  Something tells me this is going to be a seriously daebak concert…  the acoustic guitar arrangements of Seunggi’s OWN wonderful songs (not re-makes!) previewed on Sketchbook, and with I’m sure much more!  There’s a more controlled, chill, mature singer vibe to him this time around…  and I super like!

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