Running Man members + CF model Seunggi for Kolon Sport

Another reason to love Seunggi on Running Man… LSG sporting his CF endorsement brand Kolon Sport in real outdoor variety again, with the other RM members.  Great to see him back in colorful puffy winter down jackets on variety!  More behind the scenes at Kolon  Sport blog – Lee Seunggi Running Man:  Discover Kolon Sport “Hestia.”

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Model Hye Park thinks Seunggi’s song ‘Return’ is simply ♥

We can add our fave top Korean model to the list of people falling totally in love with Seunggi’s album.  After showing love for her Ideal Guy on TVN’s Taxi a while back, she’s back with a tweet showing love for his song…  Aw~~ love her even more!!

이승기 “되돌리다” 그냥.너무좋다.말이필요없다♥
Lee Seunggi’s “Return” is simply.I really like it.No need for words♥
English: LSGfan via twitter@iam_hyepark

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