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Lee Seunggi – 5.5 Mini Album release Nov 22 [K-music links]

Wish Hook Entertainment would press release English translation of the album title and songs… or at least the title song.  Otherwise, there’s like 5 different English versions of song titles in cyberspace, and you can’t keep track.  huhu.

Also, hope Hook knows (?!?!) that 16-year old Lee Hi, Kpop Star runner-up, managed by YG and singing JYP composed song, is releasing a ballad song on the same day.

Seunggi’s album releases in about 7 hours (12am KST)  12noon (per Tryp96) and aside from fans, tons of people have no clue that he has a mini-album coming out.  huhu.  I’m not expecting Hook to be a YG, JYP, SM, but seriously…  yeah, whatever.

Love love love the snippets we heard of Seunggi’s beautiful ballad song.

Can’t wait to hear it in full~~!!!

Singer Lee Seunggi profile on Korean music portal sites…








(search for “이승기”)

(not available in USA)

From Tryp96~~~  English translation of the song titles:

1. Intro: Composer – Cha Se Jung (Epitone Project)

2. An Invitation For Me: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung

3. Turning Back (or Restore): Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung

4. Words of Love (or Say ‘I Love You’): Lyrics/Music by Lee Seung Gi

5. Forest: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung

How to Become Lee Seung Gi’s Melon Music Friends

I’m super curious about the storyline of the MV.  Nice to see The King 2 Hearts’ young Jaekang again!  And well, Yujung, she’s just adorable.

Seunggi bringing laughs on the set of his MV.  Can’t wait to see it!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. The part about the label/management not releasing official English translations still puzzles me, too. Especially considering Korean artists nowadays have international followings. And LSG just came from several international fan meets, so yeah, management should know that there’s also a need to reach out to these fans by at least providing English titles.

  2. his album is coming out soon!!! Excited.

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