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Lee Seung Gi (이승기) – Return (되돌리다) MV [ENG]

* Updated with ENG-subbed & Romanized videos *

OMG, such a beautiful song and amazing voice~~~ so effin lovely, makes me cry~~
@6:18~ Seunggi-ya~ huhu. Please let there be part 2 MV where they meet as adults!

Official MV – English subbed by Loen Entertainment

(video: LOENENT)

English-subbed + Romanized

(video: LoveKpopSubs11)

Lee Seung gi is coming back with his 5.5th mini album. He is loved because of sweet voice, and he is going to do it again this time. This time the mini album is made with Epitone Project, known as the representative of the Indie music. This collaboration is already attracting people’s interest.  The title song [return] has a repeating chorus that will make the listener to get addicted to the song, and it has beautiful lyrics that will make people cry.  The two young musicians wanted to make a song that people could keep on listening. Lee Seung gi and Epitone Project’s healing music!!! It will make your winter warm. LOEN Music

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you Ann. I love the song and the MV. So beautiful, calm, sweet, and nice.

  2. Such a sweet voice!

  3. Thank you sooooo much! Yes hoping for part of MV….

  4. Oops meant Part 2 of MV…so excited these fingers of mine!!

  5. The video and the song really made me cry. ;_;

    Awesome awesome work! Congratulations to Seung Gi and Epitone Project! ❤

  6. the repeated chorus is a success! i’m addicted to this song, all songs in this album :)

  7. is there part 2 MV??

  8. I have loved all his MVs and this one is no exception. So sad and beautiful. I am so glad I ordered his album, all the songs are nice. Yay !!

  9. Amazing.. voice, MV, perfect 남자.. 승기야 축하해요!

  10. LSG music video is actually perfect for the song. It captured the mood and the essence of the song perfectly turning it into the most watchable music video. Another job well done after “alone in love” and ” because you’re my friend” earlier this year.

  11. reaches the depths of my being, the smoothness of the music, really loved it, good job thanks always, hard work strengthens
    내 존재의 깊이에 도달, 음악의 부드러움은 정말 항상 수고 덕분에 아주 좋았어요, 힘든 일이 강화 ***.

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