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Psy’s video message at Samsung Zipel Seunggi’s Asak Show

* Updated video *

Really want to see these two together soon~~ The Zipel Seunggi’s Asak Show was less fan meeting and more aimed at Samsung Zipel patrons. (some of the tickets were reserved for Airens). But since almost everyone of all ages in likes Seunggi, it’s pretty much like a fan meeting at most events anyway. Aw like Psy said, we all want to see a live duet from the 2 guys soon~~~ Psy’s message is sweet and funny…

[Samsung Tomorrow TV] Zipel M9000 Seunggi’s Asak Show and Psy’s surprise video message from abroad.  November 12, 2012.

@0:45~ Hello, I am singer Psy. I knew Seunggi way before we were models together for Zipel Asak since I was the composer and writer for the song ‘Because You’re my Woman.’ I was thinking this would be the perfect chance for us to sing that song together at this event, however I really apologize for not being able to attend. But come on everyone, who is Seunggi~?! He plans to carry my part too and show you a very Asak Asak show, so look forward to this! This has been Zipel Asak model Psy.  (Haha, Psy signing of by doing the Asak 3-step metal dance!)

@1:30~ (Highlights from the Asak show).

@2:55~ Hello, I am Zipel Asak model Lee Seunggi. It felt great to share such a fun and exciting time with the many patrons who have shown love for Zipel Asak. Maybe it’s because this is the 4th year of this annual event, but there’s so much history involved, I feel like this Asak show gets more and more heartwarming. So, I’m anticipating what this will be like next year and what new product Samsung Zipel will reveal next year.

English: LSGfan, video: SamsungTomorrow

Images: DCLSG, Samsung Tomorrow

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  1. It would be awesome to see Psy and LSG perform together again! :)

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