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MC-Singer Lee Seunggi for SBS Kpop Collection Okinawa, with Park Shinhye

[0ctober 18, 2012] Okinawa, Japan. SBS Kpop Collection concert and fashion show.  MC Seunggi super handsome in a NICE tux!  And performing songs, including Time for Love, featuring co-MC Park Shinhye. And getting lotsa love from fans.

There are some seriously talented Kpop groups, young male drama star leads, and up-and-coming variety show personalities~~~~ But, seriously~~~~

only ONE stands out in the 20 something tri-world of Kpop-Kdrama-Kvariety~~!!!


MC Shinhye doing a sexy dance number to open the show!

(Seunggi, take note!  You really need to do something like THIS again!!!!)

[VIDEO] Kpop Collection – Seunggi cut compilation

(video: juilinghu1130)

Performance from MC-Singer Seunggi~~~~~

[VIDEO] Time for Love, featuring Park Shinhye

(video: JoanCNBLUE)

Okinawa Airport arrival~~~

[VIDEO] MC-Singer Seunggi and Park Shinhye (love the screams!)

(video: boojiyoung2)

Airport arrival return to Korea~~~

[VIDEO] Aw, Airens always waiting, and with gifts, whenever Seunggi travels!

(video: sgdhtinalove)

Ha, Seunggi’s airport fashion always so UHM-CHIN-AH compared to the others!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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