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Seunggi & Paju Moms make kimchi for neighbors in need

November 15, 2012.  That’s right, on the same day some pathetic people tried to politicize the upcoming election and generate stupid buzz with misleading information associated with celebs and public service endorsements… Seunggi Lee was participating in a sharing happiness community service project with the Paju Mom group, preparing kimchi for 7 hours and helping to deliver these to neighbors in need.

And how ironic (perfectly fitting?!), that Seunggi first got involved in this community volunteering project through his previous role as Honorary Ambassador for the Lottery Commission – the public service endorsement that some pathetic people decided to focus on!  Hm, and how doubly ironic that Seunggi is still involved both in time and money, even after his 2-years as endorsement model for the government campaign.

Thank you Seunggi for being such a great role model and making us want to achieve and aspire to greater things, school-wise, professionally and personally.  While you’re so amazing, we know you are definitely not perfect and that you are human and thus you have flaws and shortcomings just like any of us.  And that you can make mistakes just like any of us.  Glad we’re all of the group that thinks sincerity is most important!

More from the Paju Mom blog entry…

[Nov. 15, 2012] We’ve returned from a happy kimchi-making community service project with Lee Seunggi. No revealing of program details (PajuMom)

English: LSGfan via PajuMom cafe

You were all surprised, right?^^
We’ve returned from a deeply meaningful community service project.
I’ll post a more detailed account and photos after the broadcast.

And to each and every member who volunteered~~ you really made such a great effort.  Appropriately showing the true  power of moms^^

For the volunteers and Paju Mom members who know about this, we are requesting that the program details not be revealed until the broadcast airs.

We’re asking that it not be revealed for now.  Please refrain from speculating comments as well~~  I’m posting this understanding that it’s okay to say that we volunteered together with Seunggi.

Lee Seunggi had come to volunteer together with us, and had filmed together with us…  That he came for the filming… in case it’s misconstrued that way~~~~ that’s why…

Today from 11:00am – 5:30pm, Lee Seunggi, after working hard and not letting up any point, he left to go practice for his concert.

We thank each and every volunteer and Lee Seunggi who came as honorary volunteer member for participating in the kimchi making community service project.  Everyone really put in a lot.

The kimchi was also delivered together with Lee Seunggi, to those less fortunate in our community.^^  It was an honor to deliver these together with Seunggi, who personally drove~~

I must have been good in my previous life~~  Kyahh~~~~~~  Anyway, isn’t the Paju Mom group a really awesome cafe^^  Since the PajuMom are doing a lot of good works, we get this kind of great fortune too…^^.

By the way, Seunggi’s nickname was kimchi chonggak, and the other two men were his managers~^^

I was so busy working, I didn’t get to introduce them… thank you to the two manager chonggaks

(Kimchi chonggak is a young radish; but chonggak also means ‘bachelor’)

Some photos from various sites…

Images: DCLSG, Tryp96, Twitter

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5 Responses

  1. nothing more to say, he’s such a nice guy :)

    p/s: i feel very warm-hearted when reading this entry. nicely done and well put entry. thanks LSGfan :)

  2. Dear Ann, you were so right in saying he’s an inspiration to us all. Whenever I feel discouraged or tired, I think of him, or come to your blog to see his smiles. Then my spirit would be lifted and I can go on with my tasks. Dear Seung Gi, I will go on with you!

  3. Thank you Seung Gi Oppa, for being my inspiration…this is a sincere compliment & comment…

  4. I would so love to see those critics EAT THEIR WORDS!!!
    And hang their heads in shame! Its wrong to criticise good, hardworking people simply for one’s personal agenda.

  5. @ the last pic, he look tired tho..tis is just yesterday,feel sad by looking at him.. he has been doing so many things lately…but am stiil anticipating more n more things from him everyday…totally my inspiration person…sarangheo

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